Lost Remote Show Attracts Network Executives & Social TV Experts

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Learn the social media secrets of top networks at Lost Remote- The NYC Show, April 24 in New York City. Executives and professionals from HBO, NBC News, CNN, The CW, MTV, Bravo, and USA Network will address attendees on the importance and future of social TV.

Lost Remote is the first and largest industry site dedicated to Social TV and you don’t want to miss their first-ever conference and networking event. As a ProductionHUB reader, you’ll get 15% off your ticket with our code: HUB when you register here.

Panelists, including Steve Krakauer, Senior Digital Producer at CNN/US and Ryan Osborn, Vice President, Digital Innovation at NBC News, know what it takes to succeed in social TV. You’ll hear the latest news on what these networks are doing to improve their social TV strategies and receive the opportunity to ask them questions to directly improve your business.

You’ll explore how to implement social media into your marketing strategy. Whether you are looking into delving deeper into the big sharing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, or are more interested in the latest breed of social TV tools and services, the event’s experts will show you how all the pieces fit together.

Additional speakers include Sabrina Caluori, VP of Social Media and Performance Marketing at HBO, Stephen Friedman, President of MTV, Vivian Schiller, SVP and Chief Digital Officer at NBC News, Lisa Hsia, Executive VP of Bravo Digital Media, Lea Ann Leming, Executive Producer at ABC News Digital, and Kay Madati, Head of Entertainment & Media at Facebook. View the full program here.

Save 15% with our code HUB and register today.


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