Movie Marketing Strategies for Filmmakers and Production

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As anyone who’s ever worked on a movie knows, there’s a lot that goes into it. The average person usually has no idea what it takes to create a good film. Filming, acting and production are just the beginning, of course. Filmmakers need help with financing, producing, promotion and marketing.

Movie marketing is almost as important as the quality of the movie itself. Your movie could be incredible, but unless people know about it and are compelled to go and see it, it will never be successful. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the strategies you can use to get the word out about your next project.

For Movie Success, You Need Good Marketers and Communicators

You can’t do it all yourself. Although it is possible to learn the best practices and strategies for marketing, getting beyond the basics takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication. You should understand how marketing works, but you will also need to know when you’re in over your head and you should think about outsourcing.

Hiring a team to market your film is money well spent, as long as you choose people who are experienced, on top of current marketing trends, and have stellar communication skills. Because so much of your success in the film industry depends on connections, having a team that can navigate relationships and disagreements is key. Mediation skills are valuable in the film industry, as they can help your team form relationships and develop creative solutions when conflicts arise. Regardless, you will need people with great communication skills and a marketing mindset.

Digital Marketing and Video Techniques Help Promote Films

What better way to promote video than with video? Digital marketing, including video ads, can help spark interest in your film. It’s necessary to create visually compelling ads and trailers and to show them to the right audience. If you’re releasing an action movie, advertising to people who prefer historical dramas won’t get you anywhere.

These basic principles of digital marketing, combined with the power of video, social media, and digital technology, can help generate the right kind of attention for your film. Choosing the right social platforms to share your content is key to reaching your intended audience. You could even use memes and interactive content to get people engaging and sharing. There are so many tools and tactics out there that it’s important to focus on what makes the most sense for your movie.

Your Content Always Matters

People only talk about what they find exciting, interesting or offensive. Since you don’t want to be in that last category, you’ll need to think about your content strategy and optimize your content for different channels. Your goal is to get your content seen, but it also needs to be good enough that people will want to share it and talk about your movie with their friends.

Think about your trailer—it’s one of the most important pieces of content you’ll put out in the advance of your movie’s release. Make it count! 95% of Gen Z uses YouTube, and if you’re not showing the right clips for your video advertising, you won’t get the kind of interest you’re looking for. Striking the right balance of showing clips that are exciting but don’t give the whole movie away is a challenge, but it’s what you need to do to capture your audience’s attention.

Producing a Movie Requires Marketing Knowledge

Filmmakers are storytellers, and storytelling is a powerful tool in marketing. In order to engage potential viewers, you need to tap into their emotions and give them an experience. Good examples of how marketing and videography can be used together are brand films, using storytelling to connect with audiences. These can serve as inspiration as you develop strategies for marketing your own film. It’s key to think about marketing throughout the process, not just at the end.

The Power of Marketing

No matter what industry you’re in, understanding marketing strategies and being able to leverage the power of film can help you in your business efforts. Filmmakers and those involved with movie production can create a more successful film by knowing and speaking to a specific audience and ensuring they are strategic in their promotion efforts.

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