NATPE Talks: 10 Commandments of Content

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by Jessica Nin

UM Studios is the center of content and creativity at global media agency UM, developing and distributing brand stories for such clients as BMW, L’Oreal Paris and Sony Electronics. During one of the “NATPE Talks” sessions, Scott Donaton, Global Chief Content Officer of Universal McCann and Editor/Publisher of Ad Age, shares his “10 Commandments” for storytelling in the social age. 

Discover tips from one of the best content creators at the show and learn why content marketing is a business imperative for every brand.

"We as a species are addicted to story. If you want to implant a message in the human mind, the best way is to put it in story."

1. Find Your WHY.
Know your "why" and start building content upon that. The "why" of the business is the story of your brand.

Ex: What is a Band-Aid? To most people it is an adhesive to protect cuts. 
To the Band-Aid brand it means courage, the courage for your child to try again after scrapping his/her knee from falling off of his/her bike. 

2. It’s Not All About YOU
People don’t like talking to you if all you talk about is yourself, same goes with content creation. 

3. Insights Inspire Ideas
Let insight drive content. Knowing and sharing the insight you learn with others can only help add value to your company. 

4. Go All the Way
Don’t tip toe into this space. Jump in all the way! Learn what you need to be great. Ask yourself, "What works?" and bring a story to the heart of all your actions.

Ex: BMW built a Bobsled for Team USA for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

5. Be Social at the Core

Bring social in from the very beginning. The most important aspect when creating content isn’t all the "likes" or "pluses" you get, its how many shares you get. That’s the key. 

Ex: Dumb Ways to Die is a PSA campaign by Metro Trains in Australia, to promote rail safety. The campaign video went viral through sharing.

6. Don’t Post & Pray
Don’t create content and then just post it up. Have a plan as to what you want to do with your content and then create it. 

7. Authenticity
Do not make up a story! Sounds dumb, but people make stuff up all the time. 
* Example of an awesome/authentic campaign: Coca-Cola’s "Share your Happiness" campaign. 

8. Loosen Your Grip
Lighten up. At the end of the day, you are not in control of the message, your audience is. 

9. Be the Expert
If you’re an expert,  you can talk to your audience in a genuine and transparent way. Which also goes hand in hand with Commandment 7, be authentic.

10. Expect Results
Hold yourself accountable for the success created from content, just like you would hold yourself responsible for any other aspect of a business. 

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