New Indie Film “A New Life” Resurrected After 20 Years

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A New Life” is a new romantic dramedy that follows a young father who reenters the dating scene after his wife passes away. Helped by his young daughter, he navigates what it’s like to find a new love while dealing with old wounds. Written and directed by filmmaker Choice Skinner, the film is now available on Amazon Prime and Vudo through Buffalo 8.

According to Skinner, “‘A New Life’ is a film about overcoming loss and allowing love to heal oneself. In this film, we show how one can move on from painful situations and find love and happiness in new things and people.”

While the story is pertinent today, it’s been a long time coming. After more than two decades of obstacles, Skinner credits the accessibility of affordable, professional filmmaking tools as the reason that he was able to finally create the film he envisioned. 

I was inspired to write ‘A New Life’ to show a different perspective of Black men contrary to what we are used to seeing in the news or the media. I wrote the screenplay back in 2000. It was almost impossible to get it off the ground back then because there was no interest in the story and no financing, so I had to put it aside,” explains Skinner. “With the introduction of affordable cameras like the Pocket Cinema Camera 6K, I was able to polish the script, pick up the camera, and bring the film to life.”

Skinner shot the feature film with two Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6Ks in Blackmagic RAW and used DaVinci Resolve Studio for post. “The cameras were workhorses, so we were able to extend shooting times and easily navigate weather changes throughout the day,” he says. “We used them to capture all the narrative and dramatic scenes, and they performed beautifully and never faulted.” 

Skinner continues, “The Pocket Cinema Camera 6K is a camera made for the true independent filmmaker. From the moment it’s turned on to the point of transferring footage to an external drive or CFast card, things are made to be EASY. I didn’t need to worry about them, so I could focus my attention on where it was needed.” 

“My story is an example of why one should never quit. If you believe in yourself and your story, time will pay things off and it has a way of making things turn in your favor,” Skinner concludes. “Completion of an indie film requires the initial dream, passion, insight, faith perseverance and persistence. It’s a testament to Blackmagic Design that they work hard to create affordable products and amazing cameras that allow independent filmmakers all over the world to tell their stories no matter what obstacles or rejection they’ve encountered. I’m tremendously grateful for Blackmagic Design providing the tools that helped me finally share my story with the world.”

About Choice Skinner 

Choice Skinner was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Upon graduating from Samuel J. Tilden high school, he migrated to Augusta, GA. After twelve years there he moved to Los Angeles to pursue music. During his twenty-three years of time in LA, Choice became a valuable collaborator and asset to many in the music and film industries.

With the birth of his film company Darkan Entertainment, Choice’s influence as a film director can be seen in the award winning dramatic short film “Brotherly Love,” and webisode “The One Percent.” He also won Oscar award winning actress Octavia Spencer’s Facebook Short Film Competition with the short “A Second Thought.” His production partnership with Vincenzo Productions, owned and operated by writer/producer Tony Germinario, birthed the opportunity for him to direct his first full length feature film “Wingman, Inc.”  

As an actor Choice’s most recently starred in an episode of the CW’s television show “All American,” released his feature film, a romantic dramedy “A New Life,” through Buffalo 8 on all major streaming platforms, is currently in pre-production with Vincenzo productions for the Southern Gothic horror film “The Legend Of Ciscero” and is in pre-production for an action short entitled “Henry’s Courage” based on WWI Medal Of Honor recipient Henry Johnson.  

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