Not All Power is Created Equal: Batteries for Any Situation

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As new technologies continue to emerge, Core SWX realizes that power solutions cannot be a one-size-fits-all commodity. There is no single battery for every situation, but instead a myriad of choices to accommodate even the most complex requirements. Below are five common production scenarios with the corresponding power option that will best fit the situations’ needs.

Shooting via Gimbal/Drone

When using either a gimbal or drone, size (or lack thereof) is imperative for any user. These setups tend to be highly susceptible to additional weight, which can negatively affect shoots.

Balance is critical for achieving steady footage. This is where the Core SWX Hypercore Slim models come into play. The battery packs measures in at less than 4” x 6” x 1.6” and fewer than 1.5 lbs. The slim size allows the battery to mount to the back of the camera and clear the gimbal rails, giving the camera full range of motion without any restrictions that a wider battery pack may give. Also, keep in mind monitoring the batteries’ power during these particular shoots is critical; a runtime LCD that tells you how long the battery powering your camera will last is a necessity, or that broadcast drone becomes a very expensive RC helicopter.


Tripod users have the extra support of the tripod system itself to allow for larger cameras, but still need to be aware of the total equipment weight in order to be able to move the system to capture different angles. The Hypercore-150 battery provides the power needed for large high draw cameras while still being mobile enough to not weigh the user down. Also, keep in mind monitoring the batteries’ power during these particular shoots is critical; a runtime LCD that tells you how long the battery powering your camera will last is a necessity to make sure you never miss a precious moment.


Users that shoot for the cinema field are often planted in one place and are shooting from morning until night, or even longer. In these cases, the runtime is the most important consideration when looking for the right power format. In these cases, size is no object, but being able to power multiple cameras and accessories is paramount. Users might look to a multi-battery block setup, whether it is a dual or quad system, which can provide up to eight hours of runtime on one charge.

Electronic News Gathering (ENG)

ENG users are all about run-and- gun applications where the battery needs to reflect their lifestyle. They need to strike the perfect balance of both size and weight, especially if they are carrying their system to follow a story. Without having the added support of a tripod, like the users mentioned above, these types of photographers and videographers must be wary that those extra pounds add up if their camera accessories are cumbersome. They also should consider that they may not have time to charge multiple batteries while chasing a story. The Hypercore 98 battery packs should do the trick to strike the perfect balance between maneuverability and power. Depending on the user’s camera draw, one or two should be able to power these users through a shoot without weighing them down.


Action photographers and videographers are the most self-reliant of any user on this list. They often find themselves all over the world in the most remote locations possible, and frequently far from an electrical outlet. Typically, these users will seek out heavy-power draw cameras such as a RED ® or ARRI ® . And while they bring the cameras along for the ride, traveling with any battery now is difficult as a result of last year’s new air safety regulations. Requirements now are that all Li-Ion battery packs must be at or below 30 percent charge when flying. Once you couple this with the already established size limits of eight grams of equivalent lithium per battery, which is a maximum capacity of 98Wh, traveling with power solutions can become a hassle. These users need a battery that can supply large power draws while still being within the established limits of size and weight. An ideal choice would be the Hypercore Prime battery pack which is a two-part 95Wh design (for a total of 190Wh). The pack allows for the legal travel of the Li-Ion cells, as well as providing long runtimes for their power hungry cameras.

Overall, all of the Core SWX Hypercore batteries deliver the most value and ROI for those who require battery packs to stand the test of time and deliver unrivaled performance.

All of the Core SWX batteries mentioned above are available in V-Mount and 3-Stud (Gold) Mount, and are the most charger compatible batteries on the market today. Along with charging on any charger in the Core SWX lineup, the V-mount style batteries will charge on Sony, RED, and IDX chargers, and the 3-Stud (Gold) Mount batteries will charge on Anton/Bauer chargers. Core SWX embraces the challenge of creating products that are specific to the users’ needs, and they look forward to seeing what new and exciting challenges their customers bring to the table as the power industry continues to evolve.

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Core SWX is the market leader in batteries and charging solutions for the broadcast, digital cinema and the professional video industries, along with emerging markets such as drones and virtual reality. Their flagship products, including the Hypercore line of batteries, remain at the forefront, providing the power to create in a variety of applications. Compatible with leading professional and consumer manufacturers, such as Sony, Panasonic, Canon, RED®, Blackmagic Design and more, Core SWX stays ahead of the curve in a technology-driven era that is constantly evolving.
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