Optimizing Video Production With Seamless Data Transfer

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Minimizing edit timelines and speeding up turnaround projects for clients is crucial in the cut-throat world of video production. Spending too much time in post-production may force costly filming delays that could balloon your budget and undermine your profitability. 

Today, you can cut costs and reduce the risk of delay by investing in data transfer systems like Wavelength WAN services and cloud video platforms. Utilizing services like cloud storage can enhance your ability to work collaboratively, too, as cloud files can be edited synchronously by other editors. 

Improving your data transfer capabilities can help you work remotely, too. This is particularly important if you’re working on a tight budget or need to meet a challenging deadline. Offering remote work to your team can boost morale and help you stay on track to achieve your goals. 

Importance of Seamless Transfer

If you’ve ever worked on a shoot with large video files and poor connectivity, you’ll understand why seamless transfer is so important. Without a reliable connection, your data transfer will drop to a snail’s pace and will completely derail your proposed timelines. Poor data transfer speeds have a knock-on effect on other people, too, as low bandwidth and high latency mean that folks cannot work on other areas of the video while waiting for your data to send. 

Leveraging services that improve transfer speed typically means that you can use cloud-based programs, too. This is transformative, as high-speed cloud programs facilitate collaboration and ensure that your peers can work on projects in real time. 

Investing in data transfer can help you share your files and build your brand as a producer, too. For example, video-sharing tools like Mediafire, Massive.io, and WeTransfer allow you to share large file sizes quickly. These cloud-based services are typically cost-effective and user-friendly. This is crucial if you have a growing team and need to keep costs low and productivity high. 

WAN Services

Wide Area Network (WAN) services are the gold standard in the data transfer industry. Unlike typical services, WAN services can offer unlimited capacity while retaining minimal latency of “jitter” during the transfer. This is because WAN utilizes secure “point-to-point” technology to directly connect sender to receiver. The benefits of this approach include: 

  • Increased Capacity: WAN services use fiber links that can deliver 1,000X higher bandwidths than traditional copper links.  
  • Further Distances: Signals sent across fiber WANs can travel 80km before needing regeneration. This is significantly further than copper and can help you lead a remote production team. 
  • Lower Interference: Fiber transfer is almost interference-free. This can be a real relief if you’re used to dealing with electromagnetic (EM), radio frequency (RF) interference, or voltage surges.
  • Cost: Fiber WANs are relatively cost-effective. This is because fiber cables are cheaper to produce than their copper counterparts. 

However, before you make the switch to fiber WANs, it’s important to note that fiber can be sensitive to damage. This means you must work with a trusted team when installing fiber in your place of work and should ensure it is installed in an area that does not receive high foot traffic lest someone damage the cable. 

You’ll need to take steps to optimize for WAN, too. You can do this by: 

  • Compressing files before sending;
  • Caching frequently stored data;
  • Prioritizing the most important traffic;
  • Optimizing variables like packet size to improve network performance;

Following these steps will help you get more from WAN and will ensure that folks don’t spend all day waiting for files to be sent or downloaded. Installing and optimizing high-speed WAN connections are particularly important if you’re working via the cloud and need to update your team in real time. You can even use services like Riverbed SteelHead, Citrix SD-WAN, and Cisco WAN Optimization to do the heavy lifting for you, meaning you can focus more of your efforts on video production itself. 

Cloud Video Production

With WAN, you can quickly send large files and make real-time updates to your projects. However, this is all for naught if you fail to invest in cloud video production solutions. Unlike typical file storage solutions, the cloud allows you to work on files at the same time as your peers and will save your progress in real time. This can empower your team and help you get more work done in a typical day. 

If you’re still using on-premises storage, consider switching to the cloud today for increased productivity and improved scalability. You can expect minimal delay and downtime when making the switch, too, as most of your employees will already be familiar with cloud storage solutions like Google Drive and pCloud. 

Switching to the cloud is a particularly good idea if you’re planning to expand your operations and need more storage. Cloud services can be scaled easily and will not incur heft upfront costs. You can also save other file types on the cloud, too, which may make it easier for folks to find documents like storyboards and scripts.  But it is important to emphasize security if you are switching to the cloud. First and foremost, everyone should recognize that protecting the documents on the cloud is a shared responsibility. Having strong access and network security controls is also a must. 

Saving your documents and video files to the cloud reduces the risk of losing your progress. This is key if you’re working to a tight deadline and can’t afford any slip-ups. By saving your videos to the cloud, you can keep co-workers up to date with your latest changes and can always revert back to a previous version of the video if your edits don’t work. 

Cloud tools tend to offer better integration, too. This is crucial if you want to use cutting-edge post-production software, but are being hampered by the rest of your tech stack. By switching to the cloud, you can easily save your files in ways that allow them to be downloaded on post-production essentials like FX and editing software.  


Optimizing your video production is crucial if you want to bolster your productivity and reduce the time you spend waiting for files to transfer. Get the ball rolling by installing WAN and switching to the cloud. This will empower employees to work synchronously and will reduce wait times associated with editing. Switching to WAN and cloud storage can help you scale up your operations and take on more work as your business grows. 

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