Orange St Films' 4 Keys to Completing a Successful Production

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What makes a great horror film? Suspense, eerie music, dim lighting... the list can go on and on. Orange St Films, a full-service, video production company started in 2008, with clients all over the world, has perfectly executed horror with the latest film - The Terrible Two. Writer/Director Billy Lewis took us behind-the-scenes of how Orange St Films put together a production, from everything to location, production crew, casting, and even promotion. 


As with any film, location is key.

Typically when you think big locations, you think - Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York City. But what about North Carolina?

North Carolina, where Orange St. Films is based, is an up-and-coming hub for film production, from everything to The Hunger Games and Dirty Dancing, to Nights in Rodanthe and The Color Purple. Even popular TV shows like Dawson's Creek and One Tree Hill have been shot in North Carolina. 

"Being based in North Carolina has given us a ton of great opportunities, especially since there are a lot of people working on different films in the area, it was really easy to get extra hands on board if we needed it," says Lewis. 

From extra lighting and sound guys, to makeup artists or catering, when you're in a great location, you can almost always find what you need. 


Filming in a great location can also give you a great selection of solid production crew to choose from. 

"I didn't necessarily need a lot of crew because most of the crew I had could do multiple jobs and were very good. I might have used 10-15 crew members, where most big productions can use 40-50, depending on circumstance." 

It's important to remember that quantity doesn't always equal quality. If you have a few really hardworking crew members who are willing to put in a little extra time during the day to get the job done, it can be just as effective as having a big crew. 


Sometimes when location, crewing and planning all come together, there is a crucial part of the process that can be one of the most challenging to complete - securing casting roles. 

"We did add on shoots at the end of May to complete production of the film. We hired actor Donny Boaz who will be one of the leads in the new History Channel show 'Six' premiering this fall. In The Terrible Two he's playing the role of Fred the Realtor and did a awesome job for us," says Lewis. 

Conflicting schedules can sometimes get in the way of choosing your actors, but the best advice from Lewis is to keep feelers out there and continue to make connections. 

Production on the film is complete, Orange St Films is just finishing the music and sound design now and will be releasing a new trailer for the film within the next few weeks.


Once you complete a film, the main thing you want to do to make sure people see all of your hard work and efforts is promote it like crazy!

Orange St Films started promoting long before their film was near completion on social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter YouTube, and more. 

This gives those interested in your film or production an opportunity to share trailers, start conversations and view behind-the-scenes photos. 

Take a look at the trailer for The Terrible Two

A series of 'found footage' videos to promote the film can be found here

Stay updated on the latest from the film by following: 




Check out a few of Orange St. Films latest projects: 

Check out their profile on our site. 

Billy Lewis - Writer / Director 

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