Presenting the Pro100 2018 Winners

The Top 100 Video Production Companies and Professionals on ProductionHUB

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Each year, ProductionHUB recognizes the professionals and companies who generate the highest profile traffic on our site and who consistently promote ProductionHUB to others through social media and referrals. Congratulations to this year's winners! 

The 2018 Honorees

Winners are listed in alphabetical order.

24ATL @ Oakcliff Studios

6 Strong Media

800 Kamerman

Adrenaline Films

Afflux Studios

AJA Video Systems

Alissa DiMaggio

Angelina Pictures

ARRI, Inc.

Assignment Desk

Atlanta Video 360 - An Atlanta Video Production Company

August 2 Productions, LLC


Barry Andersson

Beverly Boy Productions

Bob Stephen (Sound Production Professionals LLC)

BREAKIRON® Animation & Design

Broadcast Management Group

Brooklyn Fire Proof Stages

Bryan Racine

Charlie Driscoll

Cop Shop L.A.

Core SWX

Crew Connection

Crystal Pyramid Productions

Custom Productions, Inc.

D2 Productions

Danielle Minnella

Daphne Wu

David Orr


Derek Bauer

Digital FX, Inc.

Donald Riemer

Doug Birnbaum Photography

Eric Coughlin

Evolve Studio


FiveSix Productions

FOX Studios Production Services

Fulton Market Films


Go To Team

Greg Robbins

Halo Media Works - 3D Animation and VFX studio

Hamilton Post Production

IDX System Technology Inc.

Joe Giannotti

Joel Winter

Josh Birt Media Productions

Joshua Ausley

Juan Carlos "JC" Velazquez

KIRBY studios

L.A.M.P. Media Productions

Lance Kaplan

Litewave Media

Little Big Bang Studios

Live X

Location Sound Corp.


Mikon Haaksman • Haaksman Media

Mikul Eriksson


Mongoose Films

Moving Picture Crew New York

Neil Curschman

New York Video Crews

Orange St Films

Picture This Production Services

Platinum Platypus Inc.

PulseCinema, Inc

Raleigh Studios


Richard Campbell

Richter Studios

Rick Alexander

Rising Fall

Samuel Emerson Johnson


Schneider Optics

Seventy 7 Productions

Sherwood Productions

Skystorm Productions


SoHo Coaches & Catering

Solidline Media


Studio 253 NYC @ E.C. Pro Video

The Garden Creative

Triode Media Group LTD

Twelve Tone Productions


Video One Productions

Warner Bros. Studio Facilities

Welcome Productions

Windmill Studios NYC

Yarock Video Productions


Zircon Production Vehicles

Want to be on next year's list? Contact us at 877.629.4122 to learn how to get the most out of your profile. 

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