Presenting the Pro100 2019 Winners

Congratulations to the Top 100 Production Companies, Crew, Studios, Manufacturers and Vendors on ProductionHUB!

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Each year, we recognize the professionals and companies who generate the highest profile traffic on our website and who consistently promote ProductionHUB to others through social media and referrals. Every one of these winners represents the highest level of excellence found in the ProductionHUB community and we are so excited to honor them. Congratulations to this year's winners! 

2019's Top 100 Profiles on ProductionHUB  

Winners are listed in alphabetical order.

24ATL @ Oakcliff Studios


Adrenaline Films

AJA Video Systems

Alex Gans

Alex Quitugua

Alex Witkowicz

Alissa DiMaggio

Angelina Pictures

Area 51 Drones aka JDK Designs, Inc.

ARRI, Inc.

Assignment Desk, Inc.



Beverly Boy Productions

Bexel Global Broadcast Solutions

Binary Pulse Studios

Black Street Entertainment

Blackmagic Design

BREAKIRON® Animation & Design

Bryan Racine

Catamount Productions

Christian Cashmir

Cop Shop L.A.

Cosmic Pictures

Crystal Pyramid Productions

CVM Productions, Inc.

D2 Productions

Digital FX, Inc.

DOM Music Library / Dominic Kelly, Composer

Doug Birnbaum Photography

Element 7 Productions LLC.

Elizabeth Ream

Eric Coughlin

Fierce Little Bird Productions

FirstCom Music

Five Stars Creative

FiveSix Productions - Los Angeles

FOX Production Services

Go To Team

Hamilton Post Production

Ina Maria

Jamie Gruber

James Willis

JKP Image Fusion

JoAnn Solomon

Joe Giannotti

Joshua Ausley

Josh Birt Media Productions

Joshua Morrison

Kevin Schwarzenberger 

Kirby Studios

L.A.M.P. Media Productions

Lauren Cribb

Little Big Bang Studios

Live X


Luisa Mendoza

Marshall Electronics

Mary Williams Kipp


Mikon Haaksman • Haaksman Media

Mikul Eriksson

Moving Picture Rental

Nashville Lighting & Grip, Inc

Neil Curschman

Phelps Harmon

Picture This Production Services

Pistol Enterprises

Polar Productions

Pro Gear Orlando

PulseCinema, Inc

Red Hawk Productions

Richter Studios

Rocket 88 Studios

Samuel Johnson

Savage Henry Films


Schneider Optics

Seventy 7 Productions

Sherwood Productions

Skystorm Productions

SolidLine Media

Square Orange LA

Starling Productions

Studio 253 NYC @ E.C. Pro Video

The Garden Creative

Todd Parks

Universal Production Services

US Virgin Islands Film Office


Video One Productions

Videocraft Productions

Visions of Light Chicago

Warner Bros. Studio Facilities

Welcome Productions

Windmill Studios NYC


Zircon Production Vehicles

Congratulations to all this year's winners! 

Want to be on next year's list? Contact us at 877.629.4122 to learn how to get the most out of your marketing plan. 

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