Profile Feature: McGovern Media Shoots Under Armor in Knoxville

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By Jeff McGovern

This post was originally featured on McGovern Media

On the road again, this time in Knoxville, TN. We were called up to do this shoot right after we had finished up a shoot in Nashville. We all took a little “working vacation” and hung out in Tennessee for a few days. Dave brought his entire family so they could explore while we made TV magic.

The Project: 

We ended up in Knoxville, following a young, talented volleyball player for a feature for Under Armor. I took particular interest in this as volleyball is one of my big hobbies (I play and coach when I’m not shooting). We started with her morning workout routine at a local gym then headed to her house for interviews with her and her family.

The Set Up: 

We shot on 2 Fx9 all day. I put mine on the slider for some fancy b-roll. We set up our interview using a couple big lights to try and combat the midday sun hitting concrete. We wrapped the interviews and headed to the court where she got some training in with her club coach. It was a long day, but we got some good footage and got to shoot volleyball! 

PH: How did you land the project? 

Jeff McGovern: I got the project from word of mouth via an old friend in the industry who uses us as a southern crew all the time. 

PH: What equipment did you use? 

Jeff McGovern: We shot on 2 fx9. For the b-roll we used the Sony 28-135. I also used a MYT works slider to get some cool moves. On the interviews we used Zeiss cp.2 85mm and a fujinon 20-120. 
PH: What was the most challenging part of the shoot?
Jeff McGovern: The hardest part was fitting a 2 -day shoot into one day. We had several locations to hit in one day - if we had more time, we could have killed the b-roll and lit interviews better. 
PH: What was the most rewarding? 
Jeff McGovern: The most rewarding is always seeing the finished product. I love to see how it all comes together and how my shots in particular get used. It also helps me learn what a client will and won’t use in the cut so I can focus on useable shots on our fast days instead of extraneous footage. 
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