Quick Tips for Revolutionizing Your Credibility: The Proven Impact of Testimonials

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Online testimonials and reviews have become such an important part of a company’s credibility. Testimonials provide non-biased re-affirmation of your products and services and are incredibly powerful to your marketing and reputation.

Testimonials come in many forms and are not all created equal. With the unprecedented power and sincerity that is conveyed in video communications now, your customers’ testimonials are elevated to the next level of effectiveness. 

Have you ever hired a plumber to come to your home to try to figure out what the strange smell is that seems to be coming from your pipes, just to find out that A) couldn’t figure out where the smell is coming from and B) couldn’t and wouldn’t fix the giant holes that they cut in your bedroom and bathroom drywall while hunting for the issue? I have, and I sure learned a valuable lesson that day… It is always a good idea to seek out testimonials before committing to service or product purchases! 

Did You Know? 90% of consumers admit their buying decision are influenced by online reviews and testimonials. (Marketing Land)

Why Testimonials Work

  • They allow a non-biased reaffirmation of what you already know is true
  • Build credibility and trust
  • Provide real tangible evidence that you do in fact live up to your word, promises and guarantees

When to Ask for Testimonials

  • When emotions are high, preferably directly following successful delivery of your product or service
  • After you receive a compliment in an email, on the phone, on social media, etc… ask them if you may use their words or better yet, ask if they would be willing to repeat what they said on camera

How to Capture

  • Run a contest or social media campaign
  • Send out a survey that asks them to share their experience
  • Put on a networking event or provide a free lunch to get customers in a single location

Challenge: In conclusion, I highly believe what goes around comes around. While the easy and all too natural human reaction when something goes wrong is to vent about it and give a bad review, I challenge you, in the next two weeks make a conscious effort to leave a review or testimonial for a product or service that made a positive impact on your life. After all, you never know who will benefit from you sharing your experience!

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Mediavolution Visual Strategies LLC
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