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This guest post was contributed by Square 1 Group, a real estate web design company.

Embedded videos and live streaming offer myriad opportunities to realtors looking to amplify their online marketing strategy, allowing enterprising real estate professionals to post everything from tutorials to virtual tours. Video provides shareable, click-friendly content across platforms, ideal for realtors looking to build an integrated social media presence. And these days, you can shoot professional-quality video segments on a small digital camera – or even your phone! In this post, we’ll look at some inventive ways you can create original video content.

Meet the Agents

Making a good first impression has become even more important in the digital age, when many clients start their search online with apps like Trulia and Redfin. Anything you can do to break through the anonymity of the internet will help you convert leads. Enter the virtual office tour! Go behind the scenes with a walk-through tour of your office, or start a weekly interview series for your team. These segments can be short – one minute is plenty of time for an introduction, and three minutes is a good target for an embedded video. You can expand this series to include interviews with a local staging company, decorator, or landscaper.

Facts and Figures

Buying or selling a home can be overwhelming, and clients can feel like they’re on information overload. You can put clients at ease by offering video segments about the ins and outs of real estate. Talk in straightforward lay terms about mortgages, remodeling, staging, financing, offers, fixer-uppers, and any other topic that might be relevant. They’ll be grateful for your expertise, and they’ll see you as a helpful, approachable realtor.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Your clients aren’t just purchasing homes – they’re buying a spot in a neighborhood, town, or city. So why not show them what your area has to offer? Take a trip downtown or show them a nearby park, city plaza or food-truck fair. If you like, you can turn these videos into travelogues that spotlight events like concerts or local landmarks like an art museum or aquarium. You can also foreground your insider knowledge with stats about market trends and recent changes in the community.

Coming to You Live

Another way to help customers connect to your team is to provide live coverage from industry events like professional conferences and get-togethers. You can film a presentation or just show people a segment from a day on the floor. Either way, they’ll have a chance to see you and your team occupying a leadership role in your industry. You can also combine these videos with slideshows, or expand on a presentation in a blog or Facebook post.

Frequently Videotaped Questions

Another great way to integrate video content into your site is to transform standard content into embedded video. For example, instead of a text FAQ, why not videotape yourself answering common questions? Instead of a text “About” section, use embedded video to provide short biographies of your team. You may be able to use this technique to capture other kinds of marketing content – for example, ask satisfied clients if they would be willing to grant you a mini-interview to post on your website as a testimonial.

Video content takes a little prep work and research, but these ideas should help spark your creativity. Give video marketing a try, and take advantage of this transformative, new digital marketing strategy!

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Square 1 Group is a boutique web development team based in Los Angeles, California. Our real estate experience and our digital marketing expertise makes us an ideal fit for real estate agencies looking to expand their business online. We provide all our clients with individualized support and maintenance; online marketing services; and content creation, and we are passionate about delivering custom services to the websites and companies we work with.

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