Redefining Beauty: Saddington Baynes Embraces New Wave of Creative Thinking in Multi-Channel Campaigns

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It's no secret that beauty brands are changing the way they advertise in keeping with the latest production technologies, media platforms, corporate responsibility and efforts to portray “real women” of all body shapes, sizes and ethnicities. Gone are the days of rigorous shoots and 'airbrushed' photography. In a move away from traditional marketing, the beauty industry has embraced a new wave of creative thinking to create multi-channel campaigns – a shift in direction that has inspired Saddington Baynes.

SBLabs – a branch of the Saddington Baynes team focused on internal experiments and development – has developed a portfolio of digital art that redefines beauty, challenges perception and gives way to a new form of advertising. This showcase, called 'Redefining Beauty', explores the power of CGI and visual effects to modernize the way beauty is portrayed – taking reference from iconic trailblazers such as Alexander Mcqueen and Kevyn Aucoin.

Chris Christodoulou, CEO of Saddington Baynes, comments: “Our aim is to join the conversation around corporate social responsibility within the beauty industry, visualizing how brands can rethink their strategy in response to shifting values and multimedia engagement. We create evocative, emotional stories for beauty brands using an alternative approach with CGI at the core, fused with film and photography for maximum realism. It makes sense that creative production studios, like Saddington Baynes, add our voices to this conversation and help the industry realize what is now possible.”

Freed from the constraints of traditional photography for luxury labels, Saddington Baynes was able to experiment with motion, physics, and photo-realism across a range of beauty products. Artists no longer needed to re-create shoots and all the manpower involved. Instead, the SB team had the total creative freedom to explore how awe and authenticity could be inspired across a range of beauty products.

From breathtaking powder explosions to seamless nail polish swipes, Saddington Baynes crafted this multi-channel film to demonstrate the flexibility of CGI – and present a new, forward-thinking style for beauty brands.

Redefining Beauty from Saddington Baynes on Vimeo.

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