Selecting the Right Production Company for Your Project is Critical

Three tips to help get you started

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By: Elizabeth Giorgi

Today’s eyeballs are different. They are scrolling. They have myriad options. They can stream and binge and share anywhere and anytime. When choosing a production company today, we recommend looking for a team that brings this mentality to the table.

Here’s our three-step guide for why we hope people choose our production company, that may help you choose yours:

The crew cares about current trends. Does the team talk about mobile video? Do they watch videos online? Are they interested in what’s new and what is upcoming? A team that engages in current trends and is pushing the edge of the medium is going to help you be on the forefront.

Choose a team who will earn your trust. With a production company, trust means being involved in the project every step of the way. When you begin to look for a production company, look for one that spells out every step of their process, and guarantees that you will be involved in each step.

Your vision is equally important to you as it is to them. No great video is made in a vacuum. You want a team that believes in your vision as much as you do and is flexible and creative enough to bring it to life, maybe in ways you didn’t even imagine. So how do you judge a potential production team on trust and creativity before having worked with them? One great way to do so is to check their website for samples and testimonials. A company that is upfront about what they create and who they’ve worked with in the past means that they’re proud of the work they’ve done. 

Of course, the fastest way to hire a great crew is to ask around! It’s all too common when asking our clients about their past experiences to hear that they didn’t have a super positive experience in the past. Seek out feedback before you hire any team! Find a team who past clients have raved about. Find a team that promises upfront to make you shine and your vision blossom.

About the Writer:

Elizabeth Giorgi is the Founder and CEO of Mighteor, one of the world’s first internet video production companies. She is an Emmy-winning director, writer, and editor whose work has appeared on PBS, the New York Times, The Huffington Post, National Public Radio, Scientific American, Gawker, Wired, Forbes, Fast Company, and many more.


Twitter: @lizgiorgi, @mighteor

Instagram: @lizgiorgi, @mighteor



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