Sennheiser's New "Blue Stage" app for iPad Rocks

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Blue Stage by Sennheiser will turn you from the average sound buff into a fully-fledged sound connoisseur in no time, and the best part is, the app is free.

(It can be downloaded at or at the iTunes store.)

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about “Blue Stage” app and why it’s such a hit? 

A: Blue Stage is a monthly magazine on all matters sonic. The lure of sound perfection, lifestyle, and the occasional glimpse behind the scenes all come together for the users’ monthly inspiration. Each issue features not only well-researched articles but also videos and fascinating sound tracks, all done up in an intriguing design. 

Q: What kind of clients did you have in mind when creating this app? 

A: The most important brand ambassadors for Sennheiser: the independent decision maker, the “connoisseur” or the individuals that are attracted to become a connoisseur, somebody who is already in the know, open for listing, reading and sharing inspirational sound stories.

Q: What is the main goal of this app and will it be featured at all at the NAB Show this year? 

A: The company wants to raise the brand awareness and deliver a broader picture of Sennheiser. Especially the “behind the scenes” parts will emphasize our technological competencies. The Sennheiser world offers a lot of amazing stories. But until now we haven’t had a continuous platform that served to tell them. Blue Stage fills that space. 

Q: Can you tell us a little about the “Money Can’t Buy” prizes? 

A: The “money can’t buy” prizes are an integral part of each issue. Essentially, they combine our know-how or our connections with some of our products, a further proof of the specific Sennheiser sound competence and what it can do for you. For example, in the first issue, you could win a set of mics - together with the support of a Sennheiser Sound technician to set them up correctly. The entirety of this package is something you cannot get anywhere else.

Q: What is Sennheiser looking forward to most while in attendance at the 2013 NAB Show? 

A: This is a great opportunity for us to engage our broadcast oriented audience.  Blue Stage will highlight the new 9000 Digital system, among many other items and recently launched products targeted at the broadcast/film production market.

Q: What trends in technology has the company noticed? 

A: Productions are demanding higher quality wireless as RF environments become more challenging. Sennheiser has always excelled in wireless technology, and this combined with our microphone expertise makes our equipment a perfect match for productions seeking the best combination of quality and efficiency. 

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