Show off Your Skillset With a Website: Here's How to Get Your Production Site up and Running

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By Maddie Klein, SEO Expert & Copywriter

When a production begins to conceptualize, the first thing that you should be thinking about is creating a website. Your website is the focal point for all of your advertising, promotion, and communication with your audience. It should be up and running as early in the process as possible so you have a place to direct people when they ask about your production. Join us as we look at the key steps to getting your production’s website up and running!

Getting Your Site Running in 3 Simple Steps

1. Choose a Domain 

The first thing you’ll need to do is get a domain for your new website. The domain is the URL people will use, so it’s important that you pick something that relates to your production. Ideally, you would use the title of the production so it’s easy to remember and relevant to your brand. 

You’ll need to check and see if your domain is available, which you can do with a variety of tools online. If it is available, but you don’t want to set everything up just yet, you can still purchase the domain for a year to ensure it will be available when you need it. 

In terms of the extension, most times people will choose “.com” but you can try something different if it means getting the domain you want. The primary focus is ensuring it’s something people will be able to easily find. 

2. Choose a Hosting Company 

A domain gives you an URL for your site, but the hosting company is what takes it online. When you purchase hosting, you’re essentially paying for space on a server that keeps your website up and running. Now, the exact server type and features depend on the hosting company, but all of them offer similar services in some form. 

Choosing a great host and the proper plan for your hosting is key. If your production is going to have a lot of people visiting the site, you should consider going with a host that will be able to accommodate more traffic. 

When choosing your hosting company, you should also shop around to see who offers the best features. For example, some companies offer credit for advertising platforms, which would help out a lot when you’re promoting on social media and YouTube. 

3. Choose a Content Management System 

A content management system, or CMS platform, is the program you’ll use to build and design your site. If you create a blog for your production, it will also be used to write and publish posts. While there are several options, you’ll find that most hosting companies recommend WordPress. 

As a personal WordPress user, I couldn’t recommend it enough. You can easily create and customize your website using this open-source software and most hosting companies. 

Final Thoughts 

Once you’ve done these three things, you’ll have a website up and running for your production. From here, it’s all about making it your own with a unique theme, and content to get people excited about what you do. 

Have you created a website for your production? Let us know how it went in the comments! 

About Maddie Klein

Maddie Klein is an experienced copywriter who specializes in SEO and content optimization. You can find her on Twitter: @maddiekleinm1

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