Small Business Videos Worth the Watch: Part I

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Everyone knows one of the factors in exponentially growing a business, is to create a great video defining it. With a little research and time, it’s clear to see why we chose a few of these small biz videos to feature as great examples of companies that know how to get their message across for all to see and hear, but also truly get results and ultimately, sales.

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uAttend created a series of customer testimonial videos this year in an effort to build up their website, attract new customers and sell their time and attendance solutions. They received a tremendous amount of feedback and response on this campaign, and in addition, experienced a large number of inquiries and sales that they credit to the videos.

This short video was created to inform site visitors about their services and for use in other marketing collateral. 

Credits go to Epic Video Factory


Sandbox: An Idea to Launch Company

3, 2, 1 Launch Bootcamp:
The production for this video was created in house (it’s one of the services they offer) but it was very important, in this case to use real people vs. actors or “moving scenery” who were involved in the program to give it a truly authentic feel.

3.. 2.. 1.. Launch BOOTCAMP - Teaser from Anastasia Valentine on Vimeo.

Q5 Combat 

Credits: Riffraff New Media Production Company

Simple Self Defense For Women

This company’s goal is to reach the masses with their message about the personal safety of women & children. To help do that, they needed to show what they are not. Sounds funny, but sometimes their company name has people thinking they are martial artists, but aren’t.  This company travels nationally to deliver workshops, breakout sessions & keynote speaking to businesses, organizations, colleges & universities teaching women & children how to prevent & ESCAPE from an attack! 


"Fashion’s Night Out" 

Hipstripes is a fun new line of underwear for men and women, & just launched this summer. HipStripes knew they wanted to do something special and splashy for Fashion Week in New York City in September, & with the goal of getting some exposure and making a great promotional video out of it too. They decided to rent a pedi-cab (bicycle rickshaw), pack it with models, and tour down the avenues of NYC hitting the hot-spots of “Fashion’s Night Out.” Not only did they have a great time and produce  this great video, but three major daily papers picked up the story of Hipstripes taking it to the streets for Fashion Week. 

Video Credit: Philip B. Swift

The Flip Side

The Flip Side shot and edited a video for pediatric dentist Dr. Lee Weinstein of Scottsdale. He is the dental director of Arizona’s Medicaid program and he said, "I am a pediatric dentist practicing in the Phoenix area and we created a video to introduce our patients to our office. This video absolutely worked in doing so! The video was created by *The Flip Side* and was done amazingly well. It was a twist on the usual humdrum approach to physician and dental office videos. It gave us a unique twist on things and the feedback has been great. Our patients have been commenting on this video since we placed it on our website and have all commented on how they got a real feel for the office and myself. I think it was a huge success. If you don’t have a video on your website, you are behind the times.”

 Video Credit: The Flip Side


There were several reasons this video was created. One, Privia needed an easy way to provide a high-level overview of their solution. Rather than create an online demo of the product that focused on screenshots and clicking around in the actual software solution. So instead,  they decided to do something that was short, fun and to the point. It quickly explains what they do and encourages someone looking for their type of solution (proposal management software) to learn more. Privia had a lot of positive feedback and nearly 700 views of the video since they launched it in mid-September. The response from their audience at events has been strong, and they said it will usually make someone walking past to actually stop to watch. About 75% of those that stop to watch it come over and engage with the company.

Video Credit:  LearnCreate


This small business video comes from SwimZip. It is children’s swimwear  that has SPF in it and a full zipper down the front so it’s easy to put on and take off any child.

Video Product and Editing:
Rik Dubiel & Gabe Juhnke with Method Productions


Snap Agency

This stop-motion video was created for a client of Snap Agency’s called Bumpidoodle 

The video was created to help personify the brand and create a deeper emotional attachment with kids and parents. Video is the most effective way of creating a powerful emotional connection with consumers. Another benefit of creating a video is that it’s easy to share.

The client loved it and the response from kids and parents was
overwhelming. Parents commented how after their children watched the video, 
they kept asking “Again! Again!” and wanted to watch the video multiple times.

Video Credit: Snap Agency
Video production and editing: Ben Nesvig (

Mauck & Baker, LLC.

This small law firm in downtown Chicago works with businesses, non-profits, ministries, and individuals. 

Why A Video?
This law firm originally desired to have a video made over the summer so they could have an interactive testimony for a Colorado exhibition/conference. They never imagined how this one decision could have propelled them forward into new media territory. This law firm’s web communications, online media, and increased credibility has gathered quality e-mail contacts and clients in only 2 months.

Video Credit: Hay Moon Productions 

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