Solidify the Sale: Tips for Creating Stunning Real Estate Video

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There are two audiences for your real estate videos, Buyers – people looking to purchase a new home, and Sellers – people looking for an agent to potentially sell their home. There is a very wide range of production cost and complexity to create stunning real estate video, but you need to ensure that you are marketing to both audiences. The best video will in combination sell a home for the most money, and attract future clients who will pay the best premium fees to you.

Home Video Tour Tips

Home buyers want beautiful pictures, compelling videos and soon, virtual reality experiences of homes.

If you are selling your home by yourself (without an agent) you should hire a local professional home photographer to take stunning photos of your homes features. To find someone that is experienced and cost efficient, make a phone call to your local real estate brokerage and ask for a referral. Hiring a professional to do this is worth the investment as they have the knowledge and expertise about which pictures should be taken, lighting, and also the editing capability to make them look amazing. You can simply take these photos and link them together in a video.

A compelling home tour video, however, is much more complicated and expensive. The best footage without question is shot on RED. These cameras are Hollywood level and require an experienced videographer to plan, shoot, and produce a full featured cinematic production. You’ll see many of the “million dollar” real estate agents hire film crews at this level to promote remarkable listings. You can also hire video production firms who fly a drone outside - and even inside - your home.

Next, of course, you can shoot the home video tour yourself. You’ll need basic training on how to use a professional camera to shoot full home tour footage. You also need a video camera with a lens large enough to handle lighting transitions across windows. If not, your footage will go from bright to dark as you pan across a room. These professional video cameras start at $3,000+ and require training. You can also use a DSLR camera with a wide-angle lens.

The best and least expensive option is to tell the story of your home in a well-lit room while your camera rests steady on a tripod. Then, in editing, simply cut to professional pictures as you describe each room’s features and benefits. You can shoot your footage on a mobile phone, too. Just make sure you use an external microphone so you sound professional. Mobile phone or tablet video quality is superb if you’re not moving the device while recording (especially over brightly lit windows).

Real Estate Agent Video Tips

Homeowners looking to sell their home want a real estate professional with proven expertise. The best way for any professional to prove their expertise is to publish helpful, educational videos consistently on their website with promotion via social media and email to their contact database. This positions you, the real estate agent, and the local economist of choice and the go-to authority on selling homes.

The easiest videos to record are short educational Q&A videos. We recommend the Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam and the Yeti USB microphone for the perfect office recording setup. The total cost is about $300. This will give you top quality video footage and studio level audio quality. Make sure you have a computer powerful enough to handle HD video and high quality audio recording. Otherwise, the audio won’t match your mouth when you speak as your webcam will skip frames to keep up. You’ll also need to adjust the Yeti microphone gain levels prior to recording so you sound great without distortion. If your office is perpetually dark, you’ll need an inexpensive continuous soft box lighting kit with florescent bulbs at 5000k daylight temperature so your skin tones look natural. It’s about $100 for a starter lighting kit.

The benefit to this webcam set up is simplicity and speed. You can quickly record a top notch video at your desk without the need for a big production. It’s personal and authentic. Anyone can answer customer questions naturally without an awkward teleprompter or frustrating script rehearsal. Recording short Q&A videos at your desk on a HD webcam is the perfect first step before you hire a professional camera crew which is incredibly intimidating (and expensive).

To record your video, use the provided Logitech Webcam Software to record the footage right to your computer. Make sure the Yeti microphone is close to your mouth and there’s no window or light source behind you (or else you’ll be dark). Look directly at the webcam when you speak. The closer you are to the webcam the better. Now, simply answer a question commonly asked by your clients.

For example:

“Hi, this is Frank your local real estate agent. In this video I’m going to answer the question “Should I sell my home in the winter?”

Now you’re all done! At this point you can edit your video as you see fit. You can hire a video marketing service to edit, optimize, and promote your video or do it yourself.

You’ll first want to first promote your video to the people you know by email and social media. These are the people who will be the most likely to watch your video, share it, and ultimately hire you again or refer you. Next, promote your video to people who likely have the problem you solve with Facebook and YouTube advertising. This can be documented homeowners likely to sell based on their online behavior in target zip codes (yes, you can actually pick this audience with Facebook advertising).

The more educational, helpful and stunning your video, the better business results you’ll enjoy.

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Frank Klesitz is the CEO and FOUNDER of Vyral Marketing, a digital marketing and social media company based in Omaha, NE.  Vyral Marketing assists professionals in the Real Estate, Financial, Medical, and other industries to produce effective marketing videos to spotlight their businesses and services.  A graduate of the University of Nebraska, Frank resides in San Diego, CA.

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