State Production Guidelines in the Age of COVID-19

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With California production reopening today, June 12, including in Los Angeles County, filmmakers are eager to know where and when production can begin all over the country. Comprehensive COVID-19 production guidelines are highly sought after for every conceivable filming location in the U.S.

State-by-State Production Reopening  Guidelines During COVID-19

As we close in on three months of stay-at-home orders in some places, many states have reopened for film production, with certain limitations and safety precautions in place. Others never closed for filming.

Production companies have even relocated offices or entire film shoots to areas of the country with lower infection rates or less stringent restrictions on production in the age of COVID-19. However, it should be noted that not a single state or municipality appears to be entirely without COVID-19 production guidelines, at least in voluntary form.

Seeking a Production Guidelines Standard for COVID-19

While Media Services Payroll provides a comprehensive hub for state production guidelines in the age of COVID-19, the biggest movement to date has been the establishment of an industry white paper on reopening production safely, put out by the AMPTP’s Industry-Wide Labor Management Safety Committee in consultation with several union offices, film officials and medical professionals. 

Film offices without state production guidelines of their own largely point to the white paper as their recommended “best practices.”

Guidelines from the 22-page white paper include standard hygiene and social distancing practices, as well as industry-specific recommendations for such areas as casting, working with performers, transportation and meals – no more communal grazing at the craft services table!

You can find that industry white paper on the Media Services hub, as well as a running list of states that have opened up film production to some extent during the COVID-19 pandemic. Updated links to all available state production guidelines are available there as well.


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