Station22 Helps Showcase the Tom Bradley International Terminal Transformation with Blackmagic URSA

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As one of the world’s leading shopping center companies, Westfield Corporation is known for developing superior retail destinations by integrating food, fashion, leisure and entertainment. It’s why Westfield and its partners are heading up the new Tom Bradley International Terminal’s (TBIT) dining and retail collection for the Los Angeles International Airport’s multi billion dollar modernization program. Not only is this the largest public works project in the history of the City of Los Angeles, but Westfield is also providing travelers with a world class experience with world class dining and retail shops, remarkable amenities, modern design, 360 degree views and sustainable elements.

When Westfield Corporation and Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) wanted to create promotional videos documenting the TBIT’s transformation and showcasing the new terminal, they required an L.A. based production facility that would deliver on the same level of high quality standards. They turned to Noah Clark, owner of Station22, a full service video production and post production company located in Los Angeles offering scripting, storyboarding, casting, shooting, editing, mixing, voice over, color correction and visual effects. Noah formed Station22 15 years ago with the express intent of bringing excellence in producing commercials, infomercials and corporate videos.

“Westfield has been my client for the last 15 years, and in that time, I've come to produce more than 300 internal and public videos for them, including a few national commercials,” said Noah. “Since this footage will be distributed commercially and will also be used as a model to showcase what's possible in the new wave of future luxury airports, I needed to deliver footage that mirrored the level of excellence that people have come to expect from Westfield. It’s why I chose to use the Blackmagic URSA.”

Showcasing an Investment in the Future
“This video project was developed to showcase the investment in the future of Los Angeles made by the Westfield Corporation and Los Angeles World Airports in the total remodel of the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX,” explained Noah. “So there were many aspects of the videos that needed to come together to make this project happen, and of course filming in an active and bustling airport was one of them.”

Noah chose the Blackmagic URSA 4K with EF mount because he needed a hero cinema camera for the steadicam and dolly work that would stand up to the unique challenges of the job and produce beautiful cinematic images. Blackmagic URSA offered distinct advantages with its large 10” foldout monitor and its ability to shoot both in ProRes and RAW in 4K natively.

“We had a crew of 20 people, and since we were shooting in an active airport where we couldn't close off an area for shooting and lights, it was very imperative that the camera unit be capable of feature rich options, like shooting in RAW, 4K resolution and in higher frame rates, so that we could establish a cinematic look without the use of hot lights,” said Noah. “Also, URSA's industry standard connections proved very useful for remote client viewing. We used the Teredek Bolt to send a signal both to the first AC to pull focus and to video village so the client could view the shots as they happened.” 

He continued: “The shots that were done both on sticks and with the dolly were a perfect match for the huge fold out monitor and made operating a breeze. Not having to mess around with external monitors, batteries and cabling really saved us time and added mobility. The physical size of the monitor is so large that it's like having a large field monitor on a stand.”

Noah primarily shot in 4K to capture the latitude for reframing shots. URSA ultimately provided him with the large canvas he needed to zoom into a particular part of the image without the penalty of resolution loss.

“We were going for an expensive look and feel, and shooting with URSA in film mode allowed us the greatest latitude when it came to color grading the images in post. Another feature we really enjoyed was having the histogram on the side of the camera so that we could more accurately judge exposure and get a fair assessment of where we stood prior to grading the footage,” explained Noah. “The URSA performed beautifully, and shooting in RAW mode allowed for some amazing RAW recovery features, which ultimately proved the most beneficial to us in choosing this camera.”

Noah noted that shooting models with large windows behind them proved the most challenging. But shooting RAW with URSA saved the day, as he otherwise couldn't have competed the shots with the simultaneous exposures of both inside and outside.

“We were able to expose for the models inside, which made everything outside initially appear very blown out and overexposed. However in post using DaVinci Resolve, we were able to bring back all of that detail that existed outside the windows, which was truly a lifesaver,” noted Noah.

He concluded: “Overall URSA is a fantastic camera package that competes with cameras five times its price. Getting to know it's menu structure and functionality was almost too easy, and the results produced at the end of the day spoke for themselves.”

About Station22
Station22 is a Los Angeles based creative firm that provides fun and imaginative media services for people just like you. We shoot, direct, edit, composite, mix and deliver interesting promos, commercials, epks, documentaries, narratives and more! We’re continually learning new tricks to make your project stand out and be noticed.

The best part is Station22 is a multidisciplinary studio, so you don’t have drive all around town to complete the different aspects of your project. We handle everything from concept to completion. For more information, please visit 

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