The Benefits of Video for Non-Profit Organizations

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Why would a non-profit want to invest in video or motion content? We all know that quality video costs money and that non-profits have limited funds. What would encourage them to make this sort of costly investment? Partnering with a global reaching yet locally-owned multimedia production facility that stays plugged into their community can be an untapped resource for non-profits. A company that elevates video and multimedia content for corporate meetings, tradeshows and worldwide events, while also providing work for locally-based non-profits at rates that fit within their budgets. A company like edgefactory, an Orlando, Florida based content company with Corporate clients worldwide.

Just like for-profits companies, non-profit organizations are concerned about return on investment. If they're able to increase awareness about an issue or service, they're also able to boost their community outreach and fundraising potential. Video helps on all of those fronts.

Video and multi-media content can be used by non-profits in a variety of ways.

A 30-second, broadcast quality PSA raises awareness of available services. Social media videos can explore topics in much greater depth because they're not restrained by broadcast time limits. Videos on a non-profit’s website can engage audiences in the same way they do for traditional businesses.

In May of 2017, edgefactory was involved in the creation of two PSAs for the Central Florida community.

With the one-year mark of the Pulse shooting in Orlando, local organizations wanted to get the word out that mental health services were still available for those in need. Multiple versions of both the English and Spanish PSAs were produced. The 30-second videos were perfect for broadcast on local TV networks while the 60-second versions were posted online and shared throughout social media outlets.

“Having the video ready during a critical time of our work (the one-year mark) really helped us get out our message of healing, hope and recovery,” said Dr. David Baker-Hargrove, President and CEO of Two Spirit Health Services.

edgefactory also provided on-screen content to play during "Orlando Love: Remembering Our Angels", the Pulse tragedy one-year remembrance event. This content provided visuals for the audience to emotionally connect with as well as an opportunity to tastefully thank event sponsors.

"The graphics and videos really added the extra visual element needed to complete the message of healing for the city of Orlando," event Producer, Karen Brown, said about the content's impact on the event experience. "If a picture is worth a thousand words then the images, graphics and animations provided by edgefactory at this city-sponsored event were worth millions."

One of the most interesting uses for video and multimedia content is at fundraising events.

Many non-profits hold annual gala events. Sponsorships are needed to pay for the event which then has some kind of additional fundraising aspect ranging from a simple “donation ask” all the way to a full-fledged silent and live auction. Video and multimedia content allows the non-profit to create a meaningful experience for attendees and elevates the brands of their event sponsors. The results are more donations and higher sponsorship dollars.

The value of making sponsors look good through the seamless integration of promotional videos and sponsor logos into the overall show look should not be underestimated. The on-screen content at one recent local chamber event had new organizations scrambling to become sponsors for the next year.

“They expressed how impressed they were at the execution of the event, including the dynamic motion graphics and overall looks." Thomas Yaegers, Vice President of Operations for the Metropolitan Business Association of Orlando, said after two different organizations approached him about being sponsors for next year’s event. "They saw how this event really showcased this year’s Presenting Sponsor and wanted the opportunity to be showcased in the same way next year."

This response has caused a small bidding war for the Presenting Sponsor position which is good news for the non-profit’s fundraising efforts.

Video ROI for non-profits is measurable.

Non-profits often face more focused scrutiny on expenditures and must be very careful when gauging ROI. Marketers can extrapolate similar return on investments for non-profits, because of existing research on how for-profit organizations benefit from video utilization.

At its highest function, video content can be an engagement trigger. It encourages the audience to interact. That interaction leads to connection and that connection evolves into commitment and loyalty. Just as a for-profit company can use dynamic video and multimedia content to engage their audience to buy more widgets; the non-profit can encourage their audience to volunteer, donate, and sponsor more using the same methods.

It is clear that the variety of uses for video and multimedia content align and support the needs of non-profits. Whether it is to communicate messages, drive audience engagement, or elevate attendee experiences at fundraising events, high-quality content from should be considered extremely valuable to non-profits organizations.

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