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For those who missed Cine Gear 2013 this past week, this expo offers artists & technicians the opportunity to discover the latest technology & techniques, all while being able to network with industry pros in a professional & fun studio environment.

Thanks to ProHUBBer, Kim Karel, she shares her perspective on what you might have missed at the expo this year!

Q: Tell us about your first Cine Gear experience! 

A: My first Cine Gear experience was completely amazing. The drink tickets. The free coffee. The world-famous Paramount Studios. The sunglasses. The cars. The perfect weather. The IN&OUT Burger truck. The after parties. The lights. The cameras. The action.


CineGear has a different energy than other conventions. There’s something about being there, outside, on the Paramount Studios back-lot where so many great productions have been filmed that made the experience extra special. I loved meeting so many local production people face-to-face and hearing about their specialties. I was blown away by how nice every single person I talked to was, and how devoted they all seemed to be to their respective crafts.

Q: What was the coolest thing you saw at the expo and why?

A: I’m not sure if this qualifies, but the coolest “thing” I noticed at the expo was how many female camera crew, producers, directors, and key executives were in attendance, and that made me very happy. Being a woman who has worked in production myself, it’s great to see how many other women work in the industry and fill every role above and below the line. Female gaffers, grips, DP’s, and Directors- super cool and inspiring. 

Oh, and the mini helicopter cameras were very cool too!

Q: What major trends were you noticing at the event?

A: My main focus while at Cine Gear was on the people, so for me it was fun to hear what they had just seen or were excited to see. The trends I noticed and have been aware of for a while, were smaller and smaller cameras and equipment, and an increasing improvement in the development of smaller, brighter, more energy-efficient lights that don’t overheat.


Q: How was the booth traffic and attendee quality? Would you recommend others exhibiting? 

A: Well you know what they say about L.A. and traffic… 

Cine Gear L.A. certainly lived up to Los Angeles’ reputation in that department. There were times when the show was PACKED and we’d have a backup at the booth of people waiting to get more info. For the most part though, there was a steady flow of pros stopping by who were genuinely interested in finding new ways to get found and hired for jobs, and were at the show because they care about staying on top of the latest technology and connecting with the companies whose products they use to make their livings. After my experience there, I have to say that Cine Gear is hands down my favorite show. If it were up to me it would last for two weeks instead of two days. I definitely recommend exhibiting there … and when you do, don’t forget to stop by and see me at the ProductionHUB booth!


images courtesy of Cine Gear Expo & Kim Karel

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