The Power of Advertising: What's on the Rise Today

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Video advertising is becoming one of the biggest forces in the digital marketing universe. Having an amazing strategy is key to attracting your target audiences to increase sales and beat the competition. Ben Kaufman, Commercial Producer at video production company Contra Agency talks a bit more about the state of advertising and it's continued growth in 2019. 

PH: Let's talk about advertising. What does it look like today?
Ben Kaufman: Advertising today is everywhere, even when you aren’t looking for it. It’s being curated and served to you in your Instagram feed, on websites you visit, on your journey to work, on your journey home, in the podcasts you listen to. Saturation.
PH: What are some key components to successful advertising?
Ben Kaufman: THE key component is a strong, simple idea. If the message has too many “and thens,” you’ve failed before you’ve started. Every advertisement should include something memorable. 
PH: What are some common mistakes that you've seen marketers make?
Ben Kaufman: Trying to say too much in a piece of work or communication. Advertising, generally speaking, is expensive. Because of this, very often marketers try to make the most of their spend by wanting to get multiple messages in a piece of work. This muddles the consumer’s chances of absorbing these messages. This goes back to the key component you need; a strong, simple idea.
PH: Let's dive into how video is critical — or is it?
Ben Kaufman: The right type of film is critical. It can lead a campaign. It can get a message across in ways that print and radio can’t. However, don’t make a film for the sake of making a film, it needs to convey the right message, or emotion to solidify the memory of the message.
PH: What are some really killer video ads that stand out to you and why?
Ben Kaufman: It’s a Tide Ad. Brilliant in every way. This was shown during 2018’s Super Bowl, which attracts 100 million + television viewers. Conceptually, you’re piggybacking onto every other commercial shown during the game, as all the actors will be wearing pristinely clean clothes. From a craft and direct point of view, the cliches of the other ad genres have been nailed. Genius.


Canal + The Bear. Nearly 9 years old now, but it doesn’t feel dated at all. A pretty out there concept, but importantly one key message. You’ve entertained your audience for 70 seconds and you deliver one memorable take out message. One of my favorite commercials of all time. 


PH: How will marketers continue to use video for advertising?

Ben Kaufman: The mediums and platforms will change. 9:16 or “vertical” format for consumption on smartphones is becoming more and more prevalent, but the content needs to stay relevant. 

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