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Robert Weiss,  President of MultiVision Digital

In the current era of using digital channels to make business decisions, video as a high-performance sales and marketing tool rules supreme due to its adaptable, compelling, and simple-to-understand communication style. In addition to providing viewers with actual imagery of your company, people, facticity, and brand values, video marketing content also keeps them engaged and interested for a long time. As a result, traditional marketing techniques are becoming less effective over time, while demand for video content is growing rapidly.  

A video marketing strategy can help you achieve everything from selling a product or service, to increasing reach or boosting awareness, generating leads, and driving sales by gaining customer interaction.                 

However, as businesses are beginning to recognize the benefits of producing video content, they are using more of it to interact with their customers.  This is demonstrated by every social media platform receiving millions of hours of video content daily, each competing for users' attention. It is therefore quite obvious that you cannot reach the sweet spot of targeting the widest variety of clients, or the narrowest of targets, and attracting their attention without adequate optimization of a video content marketing strategy.

Here, experts can really step in with the know-how to create the ideal video marketing strategy that will suit your company's ever-changing objectives. To get the most out of your video strategy, many companies would be best served to get started working with a professional video marketing agency to create videos with the most clickable thumbnails, effective messaging, slick editing, and effective SEO. And doing so will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your video content marketing strategy, which eventually increases sales and conversions and will strengthen your brand's reputation. Continue reading this article to learn in-depth why video marketing content is so popular and why hiring a professional is a good idea.

Why Does Video Marketing Strategy Work In Increasing Business Results? 

Today, every market is extremely competitive, and making a lasting impact on your target customer is increasingly harder to do. But do you know what impresses your consumers most effectively?  Well, it comes from building solid relationships. That is what video content does very well.  Video marketing content helps you establish a connection with your audience by showcasing your distinctive value - your people and their skill sets and your facilities - along with your brand image and the solutions you can offer to the problems they're experiencing. 

Now you might be asking yourself, “does video result in ROI?”

Well, according to Wyzowl's report

  • 86% of marketers say that video marketing content has helped them to generate more leads
  • 94% of them said that video content has helped them to increase customers’ understanding of the service or product

Thus, among all content types, video is unquestionably the most productive and effective at enhancing your brand's visibility and explaining what you do.

Not only that, but videos allow you to develop a solid bond with your customers.  Giving them information to help them know more about what you can offer and gain their trust. Video marketing is all about conveying an insightful message and getting them more engaged with your content and brand. While anyone can hop onto a camera and laptop to start making their own videos, a touch of professionalism could steer you away from a few mistakes, guide you, and have an edge over competitors.

How Professionals Could Assist Your Business Video Marketing Strategy

Without a doubt, one of the most innovative and adaptable types of marketing is having a video content strategy. As the average time spent on screen is increasing every day, it's becoming harder to stay on top of the content game if you do not proactively plan and strategize on creating a flow of video to build up a video content library. While you can begin using videos in your marketing plan, the best results are almost always obtained by working with professionals.

Working with experts, their creativity, and tried-and-tested methods will help you achieve the best possible outcome...with the highest level of quality and professional services.  

While there is no one-size-fits-all method; instead, it all comes down to developing the most impactful, thorough, and cost-effective approach for your brand and specific business goals in order to scale up.  Since video content marketing is a relatively new marketing tactic, hiring professionals represents an efficient solution to complete this strategy.  As professionals will have worked with many different types of organizations and know how to align different types of content creation and levels to a budget and strategy.

So, let's dig deeper into how professionals can help you save time, effort, and money when producing a video marketing strategy.

  • Content Creation: It’s important to define your video’s goals each time you produce a video. You should produce videos for the target audience at each level of the marketing funnel. But you'll need to choose which stage is most essential to concentrate on. In fact, a customer's journey has three stages, and you need to provide video content for each of these stages. These three stages are:
  • Awareness: You must define a problem for which you’re giving solutions and make the viewers realize they actually have this problem. In this stage, advertising videos should accumulate the most attention and establish the brand to a wide audience.

  • Consideration: The viewer is now concerned and aware of the problem. They're now willing to dig deeper, research, watch reviews and compare the pros & cons, to find the most cost-effective solution. Here, you must highlight the edge of your product or service over the competitors and provide them to the customers.

  • Decision: At this stage, the customer has compiled most, if not all, of the details that could help them and are almost sure about the solution. Now is the perfect time to show and highlight customer testimonials, interviews, and social proof. At this point, persuading customers to avail of your services should be the main goal of your video content. 
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Even if you create the best videos, it really won’t attain your business objective and ROI, if your videos aren’t SEO-friendly. We all know that the majority of online platforms where you upload videos are already quite noisy. Hence, the SEO best practices can help your video content rise to the top of the competition.

It's challenging to maintain and be kept up to date with the search algorithms because they are altered frequently. The expertise of a professional is evident in this instance. In order to help your videos ramp up on search engines, to increase organic traffic and boost sales conversion, they constantly monitor significant changes and trends in SEO methods for video content.

  1. Analytics

Two of the most common mistakes companies make is 

  1. They think that any type of video content is good to get started, and
  2. They think that one video is good enough for a video marketing strategy

So for a successful video content strategy, it’s necessary to understand why your audiences will engage with your videos….and you have many audiences with many problems.  Thus, gathering useful data metrics from your video performance is important yet challenging. This is where experts can assist. 

They assess all the metrics of your videos like impression, click-through rate, audience retention, and several other criteria to develop a report on what videos are working, why they are working, and what the watching pattern of your audience is. In the long run, it will guide you in producing more sales and revenue and what the next step is in your video marketing strategy.

Be in Touch With a Professional Agency!

With the right people, skills, and knowledge, you can execute your video strategy, and produce premium-quality videos.

A video marketing strategy is not just for those with hundreds of thousands to spend. Videos are becoming more widely available and more reasonably priced. Additionally, it is now simple to share with your audiences given the growing popularity of social media platforms, which makes it more appealing. 

And yet, it’s not just as simple as hitting that record button. It lies in forming the correct tone, design, and messaging - with guaranteed value-packed video and delivery of quality, that helps you connect with viewers so they can engage with your brand. 

That’s why professionals are available to assist. Given the years of expertise and knowledge in hand, a professional video marketing agency understands what to improve on your video marketing strategy.


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Robert Weiss, President of MultiVision Digital - an award-winning video production agency, that has produced over 1,200 videos for every business objective. From video strategy, production, and marketing to animation and live-streaming, your company’s mission and message can be exponentially amplified with video content offered by MultiVision Digital.

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