This is How Quality Customer Service Boosts Customer Outreach

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Large production companies have access to state-of-the-art technology, teams of professionals, and a wide customer base. As a small production business, you want to avoid competing with larger companies and focus on your strengths. Smaller, service-based event management or production businesses can offer personal, quality customer service unmatched by their bigger competition.

Quality customer service isn’t only felt in the customer-employee interaction. Its effects reverberate through word-of- mouth, customer loyalty, and the multiple online review platforms. Social media and shopping sites offer customers the option of providing insight that can boost further outreach.

Marketing strategies are necessary for creating a physical and virtual presence, but those presences are supported by real-customer feedback.

Customers can be fickle, and you won’t be able to please everyone. However, almost every customer from any generation will notice when they are provided exceptional customer service. Feedback is part of the big data revolution enhancing the customer experience, and it will reveal how you treat your customers. Exceptional customer service is not defined by giving the customer anything they want, but how their desires and complaints are handled. Today, production businesses operate in a transparent world, and customer service leads to feedback readily reviewed by prospective clients. If you choose to focus on quality customer service, then you will experience positive virtual/actual customer perception; customer retention and growth; and a connection with new generations of customers.

Positive Virtual/Actual Customer Perception
Customers are known to continue business they have had a positive experience with. More so, they will tell friends and family about their experience. Word-of-mouth is valuable because it travels between people who trust one another. Customers will even go farther and tout your event management business’s exceptional service online. While online positive reviews are a major benefit and will undoubtedly grow your customer-base, it’s not considered as reliable as word-of-mouth.

Online reviews are more easily skewed by fabricated reviews or opinions of customers that can’t be satisfied. Negative feedback is more readily given and received which is why your business wants to offer the best customer service. Large companies are susceptible to negative reviews because they can’t provide genuine service customers receive from smaller businesses. Their perception of your business, built from their own reviews, will drive growth and retention in your customer base.

Customer Retention and Growth
Your event management business needs steady work along with new opportunities to thrive. Startups are usually focused on growing their presence and reaching customers. Once contracts have been solidified, they begin balancing time between existing customers and continued outreach. Often, a business will concentrate more on extending their customer base instead of maintaining current relationships. This practice actually goes against the concept of quality customer service.

Every customer, especially repeat customers, should receive the same attention and time. It’s not about “brown-nosing”; it’s giving them your full attention and listening to their questions, desires, or complaints. If your business treats repeat customers with the same respect they received their first time, then they will sing your business’s praises and repeatedly return.

Connect with Millennials
The American population is comprised of 87.5 million millennials. They are the largest and youngest generation compared to “generation X” and baby boomers. You want to create a relationship with every generation, but your longest lasting relationships will be with millennials. Fortunately, millennials tend to spend more money on services – such as yours – and prize authenticity over advertising than other generations. This can be perceived as a fertile customer base desiring quality customer service. 85% of millennials will most likely purchase services or items if they are tailored to them. Customer service is the perfect aspect in which to customize your event management services. They will appreciate your flexibility, willingness to help with unique requests (within reason), and authentic listening skills. They may simply need your usual management services, but quality customer service can
transform the basic package into a personalized relationship that can last for years.

Customer Service is the Best Customer Outreach
Quality service speaks for itself. When you concentrate business efforts on genuine assistance, customers will provide reviews guaranteed to grow your business more effectively than most marketing strategies. As a budding event management business, your budget may not have enough room for large marketing campaigns. Catering quality customer service, however, doesn’t require room in the budget.

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