Tips to Spruce Up Your Film Reel

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Reel them in ASAP

Make sure to update your media reel to display your most recent project(s). Employers love seeing your latest work, and having an up-to-date reel shows you take took time to create new projects, and that you take pride in showing off your hard work. Always try to showcase your projects from after college. Doing this shows that you have experience outside of a classroom environment, and that you take time out of your day to create new, on-going projects.   

Create a Call to Action! No brainer? Yes. Does everyone do this? No. 

Make sure your email, phone number and/or social media profile is clearly shown somewhere in your video reel so employers can contact you if interested in learning more (which they will, if you take our advice!) 

Reel Time: Shorter is Better 

It’s a proven fact that viewer’s attention wavers after watching anything longer than 2 minutes. Make sure your content is not only intriguing and sleek, but within a 2-minute time frame. If need be, have someone review your reel and give feedback; they might just catch something you missed. 

Production Credit: Be specific 

Did you create all the elements included in your video clips? Give credit where credit is due. Making sure you credit those who helped create your project(s) is important and shows you’re a team player. Whether you list them at the end credits or intro of your reel, don’t forget to give props to those who have helped you.  


Demo Reel Tips

If you don’t have an online link to where employers can search and view more of your work, (along with an online portfolio) your chances of getting hired decrease drastically.  Creating a platform where potential employers can get in contact with you and search through your projects is essential and proves you take your profession serious: Serious enough for them to pay you for it.

Reel Components 

Making sure your audio and reel design are on point is priceless. It inevitably reflects your brand as an artist. Have as many people review your work as possible- whether it be your friends, family, colleagues, boss, mentor… shoot, even a random neighbor, the more eyes and reviews, the better.

Know your Client(s). Know your ideal clients and cater to their needs. 

Ask yourself: Is my client interested in viewing a corporate video? Are they more interested in seeing a commercial or film? Is my reel video laid out explaining the case study “problem” and solution, or just showing off the bells and whistles? Companies don’t want to hire an artist, but rather a business-minded creative, who can listen to their needs and visually produce a piece to help solve a problem and / or reach a specific demographic. 


Does it work? 

Make sure your demo reel plays properly, regardless of an employer’s online connection. Ensuring your reel loads quickly and efficiently is something that can at times may be overlooked, but from the employer’s standpoint, never forgotten. So pay attention to the output and how you are saving your work, as well as how you plan on sending it. 

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