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Online marketing is an ever-changing landscape, and this is particularly true with regards to the world of viral videos. Whilst once an area dominated by CGI frogs and dancing cats, companies are more and more frequently adopting this social phenomenon as a platform for their brand. Video campaigns by Coca-Cola, Samsung and T-Mobile have proved massively popular and led the way in showing what a powerful segment of online marketing videos can be.Where many brands get caught out, however, is turning their video from one of the hundreds uploaded to YouTube every minute to an internet hit. …

The focus of this article therefore is to offer some tips on how you can turn your content into an internet hit. Whilst there is never a guarantee that a video will go viral, there are several tips and tricks you can employ to ensure your video is seen by the people you want and maximize your internet presence.


First things first - having a better understanding of how videos go viral is greatly going to improve the chances of your content doing the same. In a world where the audience defines the popularity, we are no longer passive watchers of viral success and instead we want to be actively involved in the phenomenon.

In a 2012 conference for TED, YouTube’s Kevin Allocca stated that there are three commonalities that viral videos tap into. These are; a sense of unexpectedness and surprise, a prominent influencer sharing your content and evoking a feeling of inclusion and belonging amongst the viewers, encouraging them to get involved with the viral process. Viral videos of the past few years have all ticked these boxes.


One of the most critical parts of marketing is understanding your target market and engaging them with your brand. Make sure you do your research, have a clear understanding of who your audience is and know the needs and interests of you market. This connection & understanding will help you to better gage their reactions, wants and needs and allow you to adjust your marketing strategy accordingly. When it comes to viral video marketing, this understanding is crucial to determining the content you make and how you go about seeding and promoting your video.


The fact of the matter is that if the content is not there, the video will not be a success. Around 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute so your content needs to be top quality in order for it to make an impact and encourage viewers to pass it on.

Great content should stir the emotions of the viewer. If your video captures an emotion that resonates with the audience, users will share it, because they are not just sharing your content but the feeling your video has stirred. It should also have a sense of identity attached to it. More and more, the information we share on social media sites defines who we are - or at least how we want to be seen. When creating your content, it’s important to ask yourself along the way - ‘When a user shares this video, what are they saying about themselves?’.


Whilst a video won’t go viral without great content, it probably won’t without a bit of a push either. Organic growth and seeding are both integral parts of the viral process. Strategic seeding will help ensure that your video is seen across a spectrum of social challenges and (hopefully) placed in front of the right people.

The simplest seeding starts at home, so before you invest in paid approaches, get the ball rolling and utilize your existing channels. Maximize your video’s SEO by carefully filling out it’s meta-data and make sure to utilize your social media platforms - you may just get that viral ball rolling with the followers you have already acquired!

Don’t be afraid to splash a little cash on paid seeding, either. Adverts, social bookmarking sites, native placements and blogger outreach are powerful tools that you can pay for to speed up the viral process. 

Content Courtesy of: Madeleine Hammond is a Marketing Executive at Skeleton Productions, a UK based corporate video production company.

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