Top 10 Best Blogs For Video Production Pros

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With so many video production blogs popping up literally everyday, it's difficult to know which ones are worth reading and which ones you can trust to actually provide you with worthwhile content. Awhile ago, we put together a list of 5 Best Blogs for Video Production, but we have a few more to add to our list now. Instead of googling or scrolling through lists upon lists of blogs, we've created a go-to list for you. 

1. The PROspective from ProductionHUB 

When it comes to the latest production tips & tricks, equipment reviews, exclusive interviews & behind-the-scenes looks at the latest movies, and projects, ProductionHUB's blog is a very handy resource for companies, crew, freelancers and everything in-between. Using this blog as a resource can help provide you with the knowledge to grow in the production industry. 

2. The Beat from PremiumBeat

The Beat blog offers up insights into the worlds of video editing, motion graphics, cinematography and everything from pre to post-production. 

3. tubular insights fka ReelSEO 

Formerly known as ReelSEO, with tubular insights, you can expect the same great video marketing, SEO, ecommerce tips & more. The site all provides many different types of guides for YouTube marketing, B2B marketing and more. 

4. MovieMaker 

The MovieMaker blog is a great resource for the ultimate film lover. Whether you're looking for articles on the latest festivals or interested in film reviews and interviews, MovieMaker has it covered. 

5. Digimedia Pros 

Head on over to Digimedia Pros for some really great posts covering topics like film editing tips, tips for making short films, augumented reality/VR and so much more. Their site also features some pretty cool tutorials and podcasts too. 

6. ICG Magazine 

When you visit ICG Magazine's site, you can expect to find all things for the cinematographer, from behind-the-scenes crew photos, to exclusive interviews and reviews of the latest films. 

7. planet5D 

planet5D is one of the premiere sites for digital filmmaking and covers much more than just DSLR's. If you are in search of great, in-depth product reviews, news, workshops, etc. then planet5D is your kind of blog. 

8. Art of VFX 

Art of VFX gives you a deeper look inside all things special effects  - including interviews, breakdowns and showreels which just might give you plenty of inspiration for upcoming projects. 

9. Shutterstock 

On the Shutterstock blog you can find excellent stock footage articles, but so much more, including cinematography articles, editing and more. If you want to know more about video production, here is the place. 

10. RocketJump

RocketJump started as just a YouTube channel and has today turned into a massive indie-filmmaking website. This blog is dedicated to providing readers with all of the information necessary to become a video producer. 

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