Top 10 Fastest-Growing Cities for Corporate Video Production

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Over the course of the past several years, we’ve seen a number of reports about how the entertainment industry – and filmmaking in particular – has moved beyond L.A. and NYC for a myriad of reasons, ranging from tax incentives to weather to scenery and available crew. Cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, Miami and Denver are just a few that have attracted productions beyond California and New York.

Concurrently, another production-related trend has been on the rise–that of corporate video production, especially as it relates to brands creating video as part of their marketing strategy--and the list of cities where corporate video production is hottest right now might surprise you.

1) Atlanta 

2) San Francisco

3) Houston

4) Orlando

5) Baltimore

6) Los Angeles

7) Denver

8) Miami

9) Dallas

10) San Jose

*Data Pulled from ProductionHUB’s database of YTD Corporate Video Production Inquiries

It’s no secret that the use of video as a marketing tactic has been on the rise for some time. Just look at the impact that Facebook Live and Periscope have had in the past year alone. In addition, a recent survey conducted by Insivia found that:

· 59% of executives would rather watch video than read text.
· After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online.

When laid against the backdrop of the overarching rise in corporate video production, those are some pretty staggering numbers. This is a big deal for content creators, who may have traditionally sought out only film and television work, but can now work directly with brands and agencies to bring their storytelling and video production talents to a much broader audience. 

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