Top 3 Tips to Have in Your Back Pocket When Traveling with a Drone

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Packing a drone on your next trip? Whether for work or to satisfy the hobbyist in you, bringing a drone gives you a great chance to capture new and exciting footage when you arrive to your destination. 

Here are a few things you must know when traveling with a drone! As always, remember to be safe when operating a drone and respect the local laws. 

1. LIPO Batteries and Airplanes

Depending if you are flying within the United States or traveling from outside the US to an international destination you may have different regulations. Airlines may also carry their own set of rules as well. 

• Bring your batteries as a carry-on 

Every airline requires that you bring the batteries with you on board in your carry on, also note all batteries must be kept at storage level (so don’t bring your batteries fully charged). 

• Purchase a LIPO bag

To add an extra layer of security keep all your LIPO batteries in a LIPO Fire Bag, which would partly contain the fire if anything were to happen. 

• Print out the regulations 

Don’t be surprised if you get funny looks at the TSA line. Many security officials are still confused when they see a drone/LIPO battery, so to play it safe always have a copy of the rules to show them if questions are asked. If your drone is being checked in, have a photo ready of your drone to show the TSA officer what the batteries are being used for. 

2. Regulations in the country you are visiting 

It’s always wise to research the regulations prior to arrival. Almost every single country has different regulations for “hobbyist” and  “commercial operators”.

Below you will find a list of the regulations as of the end of 2014 for commercial operations in different countries.

3. Protecting your Drone- Cases 

Depending on the system you are traveling with, you may have to check in the equipment. For smaller systems such as the DJI Phantom series, companies such as GoProfessional have a line of cases small enough so that you can bring the drone and store it in the overheard compartment of your seat. For the larger systems that carry DSLR’s such as the DJI S900/S1000 you will need to check it in. Please note most airlines consider the cases to be overweight and oversized, so expect to pay extra fees (between $50- $100 each way)

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