Top 5 Promotional Tactics to Get Your Video Seen

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When it comes to a video marketing strategy, creating a great video is only part of the equation. The other part is actually getting it in front of your target audience. To do so, you have to have a plan in place for promotion. Promotion can be done for free, which is great when you’re working with a limited budget. It can also require some spending in order to really make the most of your efforts. Here are the top 5 promotional tactics to try that will get your video seen:

1) Add to your email, share in a newsletter

One of the easiest ways to be proactive about getting your video in front of the right people is by sending it to them directly. You can do this in a few different ways by using email:

  •  Include a thumbnail

 When emailing your subscriber list, whether it’s with a newsletter or a related promo offer, include a thumbnail for the video. This is much more likely to get people to click and watch than just a link and video title alone.

  • Send it out when brand new

 If you’ve spent time and money on an amazing piece of video content that you’re excited about, don’t be shy about simply sending it out to your subscribers. Letting them know that you’ve just created this cool piece of content is a great way to get them to watch. Use an enticing email line and tease the video to increase the open rate. 

  • Add to your email signature

 Take advantage of your email signature and add a link to your video. When you’re already in contact with leads and associates via email, including your video link is a no-brainer. This is a great opportunity to get more visitors to a landing page.

  • Refresh and revive old content

 A video doesn’t have to be brand-new to be worthwhile. Refresh old content and bring it back to life by updating older videos. You can then send out this updated content to your email list via a newsletter. Long-time subscribers can benefit from the updated info while new subscribers will get a look at your video for the first time. It’s a win-win!

2) Pay to promote on social

While free promotional tactics are great for your budget, it is important to put at least some money behind your marketing efforts. One of the most affordable options is by paying to promote on social media:

  • Create a targeted campaign

Creating an advertising campaign on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram is a great way to reach a truly targeted audience. Facebook, in particular, allows you to really dig deep into the demographics so that you can get your video in front of the right people without spending a small fortune.

  • Run A/B tests

 Performing split tests of your video is a helpful method for finding out what makes your audience watch. Set up an ad campaign with two slightly different versions of your video ad. You don’t need different edits of the video, just different titles and descriptions, or even a different thumbnail. You can let the test run for a week to see which option generates more views.

3) Use share buttons

People love to share inspiring, interesting, and entertaining content with their own followers. Make it as easy as possible for them to share your videos by including share buttons on or right near the video player. You can add buttons for Facebook, Twitter, email, Pinterest, etc. Here are a few more tips to increase shares:

  • Place the video above the fold

Your video has to be placed front and center when you’re trying to promote it. Always place the video above the fold on pages so that it’s one of the very first things that a visitor sees. Don’t make your visitors scroll to find your video content. When paired with an enticing thumbnail image, it’s much more likely to generate plays in this position than if it were placed down the page.

  • Encourage sharing

 There’s no reason to be shy about asking for shares. It’s a great call to action that lets your viewers know what you want them to do. Go ahead and ask them to share if they enjoyed the content.

4) Take advantage of Twitter

Twitter can be a great place to promote your business and grow your brand for free. While they do offer advertising options, you don’t only have to run ads in order to get seen. Build up your following by being active on the platform and interacting with your target market. To promote your video, try these easy tricks:

  •  Pin it to the top of your Twitter timeline

 A pinned tweet gets prime positioning at the top of your feed, so it’s the first thing people see when they visit your profile. This gives your video tons of exposure and people will want to click to get a better idea of what your brand is all about. Buffer finds a 10x increase in conversions with pinned tweets.

  • Turn content into a Twitter thread

Another easy and effective way to get more out of Twitter is by creating a Twitter thread to feature your video content. Threads allow you to talk more in-depth about the content and include the video itself. 

5) Get active in online communities

Don’t just wait for your audience to find you. Connect with your target market and with folks in related industries through online communities.

  • Be a part of the conversation

 Become a part of the conversation surrounding your main niche. It not only boosts brand awareness and builds authority, but it lets your target market know that you’re tuned into their needs and understand their wants. Interact with your audience on social media and participate in online forums. You can share links to your video in a natural way without coming across as pushy and salesy. Let them know that you have insight and answers for them without trying to make a hard sale.

  • Share and ask for opinions

 Communication isn’t a one-way street, so ask your audience for their thoughts and opinions. Take in their suggestions and ideas to help your business better perfect its offerings. Share your insights and opinions and ask for theirs, too.

The Bottom Line

Thanks to social media and email, there are so many ways to promote your content for free or with a small budget. Before you go spending big on advertising to get your video in front of the right audience, try these simple and effective promotional tactics. 

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