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If you’re looking for filming locations in Canada, chances are you’ll have a hard time choosing between the multiple backdrops Canada has to offer. That’s why it’s not a coincidence that Canada is known as a perfect state for location scouting among movie directors, vloggers, influencers, and others. It doesn’t only have outstanding architecture but also a plethora of eye-gazing sceneries. However, you may wonder where to begin with scouting. That’s why we prepared the following guide with several most notable locations where you and your filming crew can turn your audio-visual idea into reality! 

Stawamus Chief Provincial Park

If you want to give your short film a more moody undertone, head over to Stawamus Chief Provincial Park. There’s no better backdrop than mountains with dozens of hiking trails, cliffs, and hoovering mist on a cloudy day. This is also the place to get outstanding drone shots. However, keep in mind the area can get pretty cold in the fall and winter. 

Olympic Stadium in Montreal

This architectural beauty is the unmistakable filming location choice, inside out. Is your film/video more of a sci-fi nature? Do you just need an urban backdrop that helps the actors express the street fashion and lifestyle? The ideas for filming at this location are endless. 

Vancouver is popular for a myriad of top-notch filming locations in Canada

If your audio-visual project is all about city life and business, look no further than the city of Vancouver! If the time and schedule allow you, go for a short weekend trip and scout the area yourself! 

Rest assured, Vancouver has some of the most sought-after filming locations in Canada.

Here are some of the most famous filming locations in Vancouver you’ll love:

  • Coal Harbour: Use the scenic view of high-rise buildings facing the sea to bring out your next X-Files story!
  • Vancouver Art Gallery: Another place where the X-Men franchise was filmed.
  • Vancouver Public Library: The Colosseum-inspired building you only have to look at, and the ideas come to mind on their own. This amazing architectural art piece attracts filmmakers from across the world.
  • Marine Building: The tall, glass skyscraper is ideal for various kinds of music videos. 

The Distillery District in Toronto

Canada doesn’t disappoint regarding the locations with an old-timey feel. So, if you wish to travel some time ago in the past through your film/video, The Distillery District in Toronto might be the perfect spot. It’s one of the most sought-after locations in Toronto where movies like X-Men were filmed. Therefore, make sure to get there first!

Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto

If you are looking for a perfect square to film during the day and/or night, Yonde-Dundas Square in Toronto is a place to be. It appears in the thrilling Suicide Squad and many other notable movies. If this place didn’t strike you as a top spot for filming, rest assured you’ll change your mind.

You can also find plenty of locations in Toronto. 

Niagara Falls

Mists and waterfalls are ideal for dramatic and epic scenes. For that reason, Niagara Falls has been one of the staple filming locations in Canada for many years. 

The Canadian Rockies

Whether you look forward to filming a short movie or making some great shots for a documentary, give the Canadian Rockies a second look. Having these majestic mountains as a backdrop adds aesthetical value to a myriad of scenes that come to mind. 

Prepare for the trip to Canada on time

Keep in mind that the climate in Canada isn’t that warm, even in the early springtime. Once you decide on the approximate filming period, don’t forget to check the temperature and weather at the specific location. Moving to a cold climate requires you to know what’s ahead, so you can prepare with ease:

  1. Inquire about accommodation nearby the location where you plan to film.
  2. Count how many people you need on your team.
  3. Keep in mind you’ll have to rent a vehicle, so inform about the car rental agencies and their rates.
  4. Estimate the budget.
  5. Hire a moving company that specializes in packing and moving film equipment.
  6. Pack essential items and warm clothes (only a few items, not the entire wardrobe). 

Consider renting a storage

If you plan to spend some time filming, you’ll need a safe space to keep the cameras, props, and the rest of the equipment safe. The experts at Centennial Moving advise storage rental if you’re moving bulky items such as film equipment. Also, renting the proper storage and having peace of mind for the rest of your stay is crucial. Here’s what to consider.

  • Take the number of items into account and estimate the storage size accordingly.
  • Focus on climate-controlled storage solutions. They provide 24/7 optimal temperature year-round. This is especially important when you’re moving sensitive equipment that can get damaged easily due to harsh temperatures. 
  • Your rental period should be until the day you leave the place where you want to film. However, speak with the moving and storage company about a possible lease extension in case you prolong your stay. 

Prepare before you head to the outdoor filming locations where the temperatures are much lower.

Hire the right crew 

If you are yet to establish a filming crew, know it will take time until you find the right people. However, you can shorten the time by contacting a film and video agency that can match you with potential crew members! That means you can simply hire verified and accomplished editors, camera people, and all the logistics you need right at your preferred location in Canada. 

Make sure to go with verified agencies with a proven track record and numerous positive reviews. Also, take time to look up some of the people they recommend, and check their portfolios. This is the best way to ensure the agency advocates for aspiring and creative filmmakers. 

Final thoughts

You can never do wrong with filming locations in Canada, whether you opt for nature, cityscape, and other places. All it takes is to choose the suitable location(s), gather the crew, and hit the road! Our team stands at your disposal once you have your filming project ready. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know how many people you need. We’ll be glad to recommend potential crew members that are up to the task.

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