Top Highlights Not to Miss at REELSEO Video Marketing Summit

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ReelSEO has been publishing news, views and tips at the fore front of Video Marketing for over 5 years and there’s no question that it’s founder Mark Robertson’s knowledge and standing in the video marketing industry is highly regarded by his peers.  So it’s no surprise that he is being supported by some of the brightest and best experts at his Reel Video Marketing Summit' to be held on the 26th July 2013 in San Francisco.

The schedule for the day is focused on ‘The Life of a Successful Video Marketing and Advertising Campaign’ and will be kicked off with a keynote by Suzie Reider - Director of Media Solutions at Google.  No one knows the ins and outs of YouTube brand marketing better than Suzie!

She will be followed by 8 high level panel sessions looking at all the essential elements of a video campaign including an amazing line up of topics and panelists:

'Contagious Video Content Formulas: How to Infect Hearts, Minds and Wallets' with Peter Caban of Mekanism, Clayton Talmon de Armee of SalesForce, Zach Blume of Portal A, Chris Gorell Barns of Adjust Your Set and moderated by C J Bruce of New Antics - a deep look into the art and science of creating video content that resonates.

And later: 'Content vs Community -Which is King?' with Jonathan Hunt of Vice, Bing Chen of YouTube and moderated by Brendan Gahan of FullScreen - exploring the nuances of the new media landscape and the role production value, YouTube stars, networks, and online communities play in manufacturing ‘hits’ online.

The lunch keynote will be headed by Jim Louderback from Revision 3 and Mark Robertson will close the day with a panel on 'Video Metrics and Tools I Wished I'd Created' with Robert Sandie of VidIQ, Will Keenan of Maker Studios, Eugene Lee of Channel Meter and Rob Gabel of Tubular Labs.

Well know global brands will also be represented on various panels through the day including Oracle, Salesforce, Cisco, IBM and OgilvyOne.

Attendees will get the option of attending sessions in the adjacent 5th Annual Video Commerce Summit being held concurrently at the same venue on the same day with an equally impressive line up of sessions and speakers, sponsored by the leading video commerce platform LiveClicker. 

As if this was not enough to feast on - delegates will also have the option of joining a Pre-Summit Workshop on Thursday July 25th led by Mark Robertson and Greg Jarboe of SEO PR and covering YouTube Marketing and Advertising Best Practices.

Spaces at the Summit and the Pre-Summit Workshop are filling fast! To obtain a special ProductionHUB discount code use: “prodhub” to receive $200 off the two day pass or $100 off each of the one day events.


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