Transmedia at Tribeca Film Festival

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by Nina Streich

An innovative event at the Tribeca Film Festival was “Storyscapes,” a selection of transmedia collaborations. Sponsored by Bombay Sapphire in a warehouse space just north of Tribeca dubbed the “House of Imagination,” the presentations were varied and imaginative. 

“Sandy Storyline” includes accounts of the storm and its aftermath in various media – audio, video, photographs and more. 


“Star Wars Uncut” was probably the most entertaining, with fifteen-second fan re-enactments of “The Empire Strikes Back,” as varied as you can imagine. The participant used a joystick to select scenes to create their own mini-movie. 

When the festival began, cute little robots began appearing, asking personal questions of anyone who would interact with them. These sneaky little robots recorded people’s confessions as they walked around the festival. “Robots in Residence” created a space for these stories to exist in a hybrid of hardware and software.


A big dark box created a space for actors and spectators to be interchangeable, combining participants’ stories of sleepless nights in words or drawings. Prompted by questions such as “What is your relationship with your alarm clock?” and “What scares you?” the audience becomes the actor in this innovative project.

“This Exquisite Forest” is an interactive installation that allows people to create short animations and build on other peoples’ animations. Viewers participated by drawing on two tablets alongside the installation, as well as seeing the contributions of thousands of people who had already added their artistic visions. 


The diversity of these transmedia presentations was amazing, revealing some of the potential of this emerging medium.


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