Use Your Movie Passion to Travel: Top Iconic Movie Travel Destinations

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Movies educate people and often share stories of the past. If you’re a film lover, then you know how powerful setting is in telling any story on the screen. Directors choose certain locations because they evoke certain feelings in the audience or connect with the past.

If you want to find inspiration and see the amazing places where famous films were shot, traveling can help you fuel your passion and allow you to explore the world. Want some ideas? Here are some of the best travel spots for film buffs—and why you should explore while you’re young.

Popular Iconic Movie Travel Destinations

The United States has long dominated in the film space, and although many movies are shot internationally, many more have taken place within the country. That means that there are lots of cool destinations for film buffs, even without a passport.

Hollywood, CA

Hollywood, of course, is a must-see destination for many movie lovers. With all the iconic landmarks and studios, Disney, and the ongoing film production that takes place in Los Angeles, this trip is near the top for many.

New York

New York is a close second for a film enthusiast’s getaway. For those who are fans of “All About Eve” and live performance, Broadway offers a rich experience. While you’re there, you can visit Oheka Castle—the Xanadu Mansion from Citizen Kane—in Huntington, New York.


For a more tropical getaway that will get you “on set” of some great films, Hawaii fits the bill perfectly. Movies like Jurassic Park and Pirates of The Caribbean were filmed in this tropical oasis.

Film Festivals

If you need a more concrete excuse to travel, film festivals are a great option. Festivals like the Park City Sundance Festival will get you seeing new and exciting films, inspiring your film passion and letting you see more of the country.

Take Advantage of Traveling While You’re Young

As Hans Christian Andersen said, “To travel is to live.” Why wait? Traveling when you’re young has many benefits. It’s important to broaden your horizons when you’re still young enough to develop your personality, grow, and experience new cultures and ways of living. Traveling is a healthy way to do that while you learn about how to relate to yourself and others.

If you want to really immerse yourself in a different culture and live and work out of your comfort zone, you need more than a week or two to do so. A study abroad program could be the perfect solution—not only will you get an opportunity to really experience another culture and way of living, you’ll be able to learn more about filmmaking and the industry. Some countries are better than others for film buffs—while Thailand might not really help you become a better filmmaker, traveling abroad in places like London, Morocco or New Zealand, where iconic films have been made, could give you the inspiration and skills you need.

Make Traveling Affordable and Fun

If you think you can’t travel because it’s expensive, it may be time to think again. There are so many options for people who want to travel, and with cheaper airfare and a strong dollar, travel can be both fun and affordable. You can travel on a budget! There are lots of money-saving tips online that you can use to make your dream destination a reality. You just need to be committed to traveling and be prepared to save and budget to make it happen.  

Don’t Wait to Explore and Take New Travel Adventures

Travel can be more than just a fun experience—it can help you understand different cultures and people, learn more about history, and ultimately make you a better artist. Using your movie passion as a way to explore and see the world is a great way to grow and develop as a filmmaker and as a person. Go to historical sites, see where your favorite films were shot, and get new knowledge and appreciation you can apply to your own projects. It’s always fun to see your favorite movie scene brought to life—and that journey can be one of your most valuable and rewarding experiences.

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