Video Advertising & Marketing: How to Use Them Successfully in Your Business

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Video advertising and video marketing are both important to the promotion of your business. However, the major difference is that video advertising is a paid medium, whereas video marketing is made up of a variety of strategic marketing techniques that include video. Video advertising is one aspect of video marketing.

The goal of video advertising is to increases sales. It seeks to directly inform, create a desire and encourage select consumers to purchase the product or service. The goal of video marketing is to build awareness, provide information, and promote your brand. It is an integral part of how your product reaches its consumers. It is less aggressive than video advertising.

Video Advertising

Video advertising gives your business access to a targeted audience because you are paying for it. How far reaching your advertising is and the frequency with which it is seen depends on your budget.

Benefits of Video Advertising

- Video advertising is an excellent way to quickly reach a demographic that is ideal for your product or service.
- It works well for special offers and to launch a new product or service.
- It can quickly generate immediate interest and demand for what you are offering.

How to Successfully Use Video Advertising in Your Business

Video advertising can be a very worthwhile tool, especially when starting a new sales campaign. While video advertising is not designed to be shared, you should ensure that each and every video created for your business has share functionality. As your targeted audience sees it, a percentage of them are bound to share it with others. By producing quality, creative video advertising clips, you will earn more shares and extend your reach beyond those you’ve paid for.

Successful video advertising gets quickly to the point, and always includes a call to action. However, it should also contain quality content and be entertaining enough to capture the interest of the viewer.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is now seen as an integral part of marketing for practically all types of businesses. In fact, if you are not using video marketing you are losing out on major advantages. While the goal of video marketing is to ultimately increase sales, it does so in a more subtle way than video advertising. It teaches, entertains, and provides inside information to your audience.

Benefits of Video Marketing

- Video marketing efforts are long lasting.
- Video marketing reaches more people than traditional marketing strategies and engages them better.
- It gives you the opportunity to teach about the different features of your product or service, and to share non-traditional uses for it.

- It is easy to create video marketing that is shareable and has the possibility of going viral.

How to Successfully Use Video Marketing in Your Business

Video marketing can help customers reach purchasing decisions, and build brand loyalty more subtly than video advertising. Utilize a variety of video marketing strategies including educational and informational videos, branded entertainment, testimonials, demonstrations, event videos, and video blogs. However, it is important to make sure that your content is highlighted more than your brand.

Make sure your videos are shareable and creative enough to be memorable. Quite often, marketing videos have content that is not so exciting, but by finding a way to make it tolerable or even enjoyable, you will have increased success in your marketing campaign.

Use video marketing as an integral part of your PR, website, blog posts, social networking, contests, and discussion boards. Be sure to always direct customers to your website or another platform for additional information at the end of your video.

Video marketing and video advertising has taken off in importance, thanks to social media and the Internet. Make sure your marketing strategy has a strong video component, to engage even more customers than ever.

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