Video Is the Future of Content Marketing

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 By Samantha Brannon, freelance writer, professional blogger

The digital landscape has changed a lot in the past decade. People have switched from desktop and laptop to mobile phones and tablets. There are no boundaries when it comes to digital technology. People have plenty of tools to interact with each other.

Content marketing has followed the same trend and changed a lot too. Businesses use content to deliver the type of message their customers want, when and how they want it. In today’s changing landscape, video marketing is an excellent tool to help marketers add value with their content and deliver relevant messages to their audience. Considering that 90% of the customers report that video content helps them make a purchasing decision easier, it becomes clear that videos represent the future of content marketing. This article focuses on outlining the reasons why marketers should focus their efforts on video content.

Reasons Why Videos Are the Future of Content Marketing

  • Consumers share more video content

It is already proven statistics that people share videos 1200% times more than another type of content. With these numbers in mind, it becomes clear for companies that they should focus on videos to attract more audience. In addition, consumers prefer watching a video instead of reading a blog post. Therefore, it becomes easier for them to engage with video content and make a purchasing decision based on the message they receive.

Videos work perfectly on any mobile device, making it even easier for customers to consume it. On the other hand, despite the video’s increased popularity, marketers should also pay attention to the ideas their videos support. There are various tools they can use to create engaging content for videos like Top writing service reviews, Hemmingway or Cliché Finder.

  • Videos promote brand recall

More than 80% of the customers admit that it becomes easier for them to remember a video that they watched a month ago. In comparison to texts, videos focus on the visuals power, making it easier for the target audience to remember the context and idea behind.

Amanda Sparks, marketing specialist and editor at TopDownWriter says that “a customer who was able to remember a video, he will immediately remember the brand which was associated with that video. In addition, customers find it easier to share videos on their social media accounts, increasing the engagement rate for the respective brand”.

When working on their video strategy, marketers should also pay attention to their brand’s strategy. Therefore, the video’s visual effects, as well as the tone used, should be in line with the ones used in the business blog. When you keep a constant visual strategy in terms of fonts and colors, it will become easier for the audience to recognize the brand.

  • Videos improve SEO performance

“Videos can significantly improve the business’ SEO performance. In general, people react very well to videos which means that their reactions will improve the website’s click-through rate. In addition, a high-quality video that attracts customers, has the power to lead them to your business’ homepage”, says James Daily, Brainished contributor.

Moreover, it is easier to get viral with video content. People are more open to sharing videos with their friends and families. Videos are easy to consume and can create strong emotional connections. Therefore, people will spend more time watching a video instead of reading a text. Therefore, when you post a video on your landing pages, your target audience will spend more time on your website, increasing the dwell time. When your dwell time increases, Google will recognize your video content as being valuable. Thus, your pages will be ranked higher, making it easier for people to find your website.  

  • Videos work well on any mobile device

People are no longer stuck to a desktop or laptop. Technological progress has brought a lot of flexibility. Thus, customers prefer mobile devices better, having more than one. In addition, they synchronize data between accounts and devices, enjoying the convenience of accessing their data from any device, anywhere and anytime. This brings a serious challenge for marketers as they need to produce content which works well on any device.

As Robert Zastrow, a content manager at GetGoodGrade, puts it: “Video content is a very versatile choice, widely preferred by both marketers and clients.” Businesses can increase their traffic with videos as they can be consumed on any device. Therefore, video content is a user-friendly option, becoming also very customer oriented.

Are you ready to use video content? (In conclusion)

Our target audience is increasingly selective nowadays. They are constantly bombarded with a variety of marketing content, making it difficult to choose where they should focus their attention. Therefore, video content is a powerful tool for businesses to use in promoting themselves, getting their target audience attention easier. What is more, they need more than telling to get their customers’ attention. Marketers should direct their efforts into showing and getting the trust of their audience. This is why videos represent the future of content marketing and businesses should switch their entire attention to it.

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