Virtual 2020 NAB: The New Semi Normal or What We Know So Far

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It goes without saying that we are now in uncharted territory. Or are we? Yes, the actual physical 2020 NAB has been postponed, but you knew that already. So, what are companies big and small doing to respond to the crisis and how will they get their message out to the masses? Let’s take a look.

Streaming All the Way

If this shut down had happened 7 or 10 years ago we would have been Scrooged. The technology was there but maybe we weren’t. Don’t be offended. Go back and look! Some of that early streaming was pretty ugly. But now we're talking 2020 and that's a great thing. So what are companies doing? We will see live streaming of just about everything at 2020 NAB.

From new product announcements to press conferences, and updates, there will be an unprecedented amount of information available online. Why not? I know that it won’t be the same as being there, (and I loved being there) but if it has to go this way then so be it. 

Throwing Your Hat In the Ring

So what does throw your hat in the ring actually mean? This is actually an old rodeo term for saying you are going to jump into the fray ”ring” and go try to ride that bull. 

Translated, for us non cowboy/cowgirl types, it means that the companies listed below aren’t waiting around to “see what happens” next. Neither is ProductionHUB. This is great news for production professionals as they try to line up new equipment for when we get out of this situation.  We will be constantly updating information as it becomes available, so stayed tuned!  

Fluid Situation

Like they say in the movies, our situation is very fluid right now. Companies are in the process of figuring out how best to get their message out to you, the end user. That might be in the form of a press conference, product announcement or a live webinar - or even content delivered via Facebook or YouTube. We just don't know exactly the final line up right now. But we will. And all I can say is that companies are going to do something great online. 

Closing Shot

So how do people in our industry figure it all out? By figuring it out. I can say this with a high degree of confidence because at one time (a long while back) I was a live sports producer/director. If you are doing live at any level, you know that stuff happens. But you can’t stop, you can’t take a time out - you plug along. It ain’t pretty and you might lose your graphics package, but you keep going and get it done.

We're here to help! 

As we navigate through these changes, ProductionHUB is here to help amplify the latest news! Stay tuned to NABHUB for the latest updates. Wondering how to best share your information with us?

Send your company name, logo, and the date and time of your press conference, as well as specifying whether the link is live or available online to You can also post your press releases here

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