Vow to say "I Do" to these Wedding Cinematography Trends

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 Don't get wet feet when it comes to high-end wedding cinematography. Stop playing the production field and stick to these wedding video tips and tricks. 

Lindsay Blair, Blair Global Media

The upcoming trend with wedding cinematography is using the gadgets such as drones and jibs to really capture some amazing video shots. More and more techniques such as time-lapse and using the B-Roll in a highly effective way to enhance scripting is becoming very popular.


Maile Cabral, Publicist, Cabral Edwards Management

A new trend is hiding a large amount of Go Pro's (40+ cameras) all over the wedding venue and collecting the footage later.


Farrah Brianna, Atlanta-based photographer and videographer

A growing trend in wedding videography is the rise of documentary-style videos, in which the wedding video tells the story of the day chronologically. This style of videography is popular among today's current newlyweds as it allows them to relive the day as it actually happened. I actually take my wedding videos one step further by combining photography and videography in a way that captures the moments, family members and guests, conversations and details in a gracefully unhurried, slow motion way that brings you to this beautiful middle space between film and photos.


Jason Chevatewa, Director of Video Operations Mike Staff Productions, Inc.

- First Looks
Many couples are choosing to have their wedding videographer capture a first look.  During this time, the cinematographer will create an environment that allows the bride to reveal her look to the groom in a private setting.  The groom will usually wear a small lapel mic, allowing the wedding film to capture his thoughts and emotions upon seeing the bride for this first look.  This highly emotional time is preserved for the bride and groom.  While many couples have a first look, it is often recommended for those with a tight timeline between the wedding ceremony and reception.

- Reading Letters to Each Other
Recently, brides and grooms have begun reading letters to each other during their pre-ceremony time apart.  These messages to each other are used in the editing process to tell the couples story at the introduction of their wedding film.  Letters written to and read by the bride and groom convey the way they felt about each other in the time leading up to their wedding day, as well as their hopes and dreams as a married couple.

- Personalized Vows
Gone are the days of the standard “I do”.  More couples are opting to write personalized vows.  While these vows range from the tender and caring to funny and engaging, they are a great way to capture each couples’ personality.

- Clean edits
Contemporary couples prefer clean edits to their video. Most video editors are relying on the strength of their storytelling ability and camera skills to tell the story of the wedding day instead of image filters and slow motion video.

- More Dialogue
The wedding day is visually stunning, but one of the things that adds the most impact to the wedding film is the inclusion of dialogue. Capturing the excitement of the moment, the reaction of family and the well wishes of friends creates a time capsule of the day beyond the imagery.

Todays bride and grooms prefer the look of DSLR shooting. These cameras provide a more cinematic view of the day when used by a highly skilled story teller.

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