Warning: You're Losing Money by Not Using Quality Content

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Content is easy to create. All you need to do is throw some words on a page and you’re done. No thought, no time, no attention.
While I will agree that this is a form of content, I would suggest that, as it relates to branding your business on the Web, there is no reason for this content to exist. What does work is quality.

  • Quality takes time.
  • Quality takes thought.
  • Quality takes attention.

If you want to make the Web work for you, quality content is essential. Here’s why:

Relational Branding

Just like with dating, if you are going to woo your client or customer into a dance then you need to get their attention.

If you approach your victim, I mean potential interest, with uncombed hair, dirty glasses and a spot on your shirt, what’s the likelihood that they will become engaged with you? (i.e. half-hearted content)

However, what if you have nicely combed hair, clean glasses, and nicely tailored clothes? (i.e. high-quality content) See the difference? If that works in dating why not use it to your advantage to build a romance around your brand?

First Impressions

Everything and I mean everything, begins with first impressions: In love, in business, even in attempting to talk your way out of a late payment with customer service. Business is personal. Once we understand this we can empower our customers and clients to take the next step.

Budding Relationships

As business people, aren’t we after a continually growing network?

Sure, one-time buyers are nice and necessary, but multiple connections with a person’s wallet are so much better for that bottom line ROI. 

HOT TIP: Come across as nothing more than money hungry and you will find yourself unable to attain repeat buyers. Care about their needs, what interests them, and what results they hope to achieve.

Thought Leader

In the reader’s world, you become the industry expert, the authority figure, the “go-to guy” (pun intended). When they have questions, they will turn to you. When they have concerns, you will hear from them. And when they have ideas that can take your business to the next level and beyond, guess who they will be thinking about first?

Your Audience and the Search Engines

The more you take the time to understand the needs, wants and desires of your audience within the content that you deliver to market, the greater results you will have in securing leading search engine rankings. Search engines are in the business of providing value to those who use their resources.

Deliver garbage and it will show in your ability to rank. Provide high-quality, authoritative value that people will come to know, love and appreciate and your corresponding results in organic rankings will be vastly different.

Wear Their Shoes

Ever hear that adage that you don’t understand where a person has come from till you walk a mile in their shoes? It’s true. You don’t. But within the content that you bring to market, you can.

The result?

Viewer Value

Your readers come to see you as a person of value sharing content that is critically important to their interests within the niche that you are targeting.

As such, when they see new content from you, they will want to read it simply because your name is attached. Given that they had such an experience last time, they will expect the same. Meet their expectations and they will correspond by valuing you even more. Fail to meet their expectations and you lose.

Viewer Engagement

When your readers have questions, they turn to you. They have thoughts to share, they turn to you. They like, they comment, they share. And it all began because you took the time to provide high-quality content that really made a difference in their lives.

Viewers Buy

How does this all turn out for you? Increased ROI. Isn’t that what you’re after as a business person on the Web? It should be.

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