What Do Your Clients Want in a Video?

Video Producers Gear Dads Share Helpful Tips to Figure Out Client Expectations

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In the business of video production for hire, there is often a constant back and forth between the client and the videographer throughout a project until its completion. Those conversations can be productive and positive, as both client and videographer collaborate toward a video that makes everyone happy.
But the first conversations, the initial phone calls or emails, the requests for a job estimate, the early project discussions - they can be ripe with misunderstanding and uncertainty. No one is really sure what the video is going to look like, or how much work it'll take to produce, and how much it should cost.
To help video producers and clients get over this initial hump, Gear Dads have recently published a Video Production Services infographic, summarizing the most common types of videos that a videographer or small business might be hired to produce.
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The goal of this infographic is to enable videographers to quickly figure out what exactly the client is envisioning, even if they don't know the right word to describe that type of video.
Following the infographic, Gear Dads write a lengthy article about the many different types of video productions, and why it can become overwhelming to clients who aren't proficient in video production terminology. Perhaps so overwhelming that many potential clients simply avoid video production in the first place.
Gear Dads write, "It’s no wonder video producers constantly struggle with getting hired. The work itself is a thousand times easier than the dance of finding and securing the work. And it’s because we’ve made it very difficult for the general public to hire us." 
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