Why Assimilate's SCRATCH v8 is a Must-Have for Production Pros

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Q: What is it about Assimilate’s SCRATCH v8 that makes it a must-have for post-production professionals? Can you share some of its major features?

Try SCRATCH v8 for a 90-day free trial and experience why SCRATCH is everything a digital cinema or broadcast post artist needs for 2D and 3D productions: One comprehensive and robust end-to-end imaging tool set -- from data management to conform, color grading, versioning, compositing, playback, and finishing -- for nearly all digital workflows, including RED, ARRI, Sony F65 and F55, Canon 5D, Phantom, Go Pro and many more. 

Product feature highlights for SCRATCH v8: 
* Runs on Windows and Mac OS X
* Apple-licensed ProRes Software Encoding on Windows 
* True ProRes 442, HQ, LT, proxy and 4444 encoding 
* Correct bit depth - 10 or 12 bits per component
* Optimized for FCP
* Officially licensed from Apple 
* 4K turnkey DI and finishing systems priced at previously seen for 2K 
* Support 4K SDI and HDMI monitoring via Blackmagic DeckLink 4K Extreme and UltraStudio 4K for Thunderbolt solutions
* Cloud-enabled workflow for multi-site or global real-time collaboration 
* Support for RED GPU Debayering (including multiple GPUs)
* ACES 0.70, including the RRT and standard ODT
* Cinecraft’s industry-leading H.264 encoding
* Sony’s new slog3 color / gamma space

Q: Where did the idea for SCRATCH come from, and what has been the feedback on it thus far?

In 2004, the company founders (Gerk Huisma, Nacho Mazzini, Jeff Edson, and Jim Meadlock) shared a common vision that the filmmaking industry would greatly profit from the productivity and financial benefits of real-time digital post-production tools running on PCs (and now Mac) systems, i.e. comparable performance of the “big iron” systems at a fraction of the cost.  

As a pioneer of the digital revolution in cinema, the ASSIMILATE team developed the SCRATCH product line to empower large studios, indie filmmakers, boutique post houses, and post-production professionals with a suite of highly affordable digital DI tools that would run on optimized PCs (and Macs) with a streamlined, data-centric, and real-time 2K (and 4K) pipeline. 

Our customers tell us they highly value ASSIMILATE’s 1) immediate and global technical support, 2) advanced product features for finishing, and 3) responsiveness to customer/market requests for new features, fixes, and upgrades to meet their specific project needs. 


Q: Who are the typical clientele using SCRATCH?
The global list of SCRATCH customers ranges from large studios to indies and boutique post and VFX houses, including Bavaria Film Production (full-enterprise deployment), Chilefilms, Cinesite, Deluxe, FuseFX, Katabatic Digital, Local Hero Post, Marvel, NBC Universal, Stephen Soderberg, Stuck On On, Technicolor, and more.  To see an extensive client list, visit www.assimilateinc.com 

Q: What trends in production do you see on the horizon?
Two key trends: 1) Highly secure and cost-effective cloud-based workflows for global, regional, or enterprise collaboration; 2) 4k post-production workflows.

Q: Where do you see the future of Assimilate headed? 

According to Steve Bannerman, VP Marketing at ASSIMILATE, Cloud-based workflows are absolutely the future of making feature films, television shows and commercials, but the cloud needs to offer real services - not just a place to store media. The MyASSIMILATE cloud workflow enables a completely new level of collaboration by smashing the barriers of location and proximity. Today’s production and post-production environments demand a flexible, mobile workforce, and artists need to respond to that flexibility by contributing to projects without constantly up-ending their lives and families. Using MyASSIMILATE, artists can now fully collaborate on any SCRATCH or SCRATCH Lab project, in real-time, or offline, using any of the features of the application - regardless of where they happen to be.”

learn more: http://www.assimilateinc.com/products/scratch

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