Why Nila LED Brightens Up Everyone's Day on Set

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Trying to find the perfect lighting product or angle when on set can be a challenge, and making sure everything looks crisp on screen is an obvious essential. With so many lighting products out there, we had to find out why Nila LED lights are the go-to lights in our industry.  We were able to catch up with industry lighting pro and President/CEO of the company, Jim Sanfilippo, who shares some pretty good reasons as to why their lights rock.

Q: What sets Nila LED apart from other lighting companies? 

Nila fixtures have always been the brightest longest throw LED fixtures on the market.  We provide the greatest amount of punch for the least amount of power input in the smallest package possible. 

Q: What is the most sought-after product in the Nila LED line? 

The Nila Varsa is currently our best seller. We introduced the Varsa at IBC in 2012, and started shipping it in January this year. We underestimated how popular it would be and have been trying hard to keep up with demand. What our customers like about the Varsa: a) it's the quantity of light for very little power in,  b) the ability to run for hours on a single small V-mount or Gold-mount battery, c) universal AC power supply built in d) built in Chimera bracket e) wide range of interchangeable lenses f) compact size g) durability and h) the ability to dim at the fixture or through a DMX network. 

Q: Who are your typical clients? 

We are popular with ENG cameramen and owner operators; we have many clients like French television who use our lights for location work as well as installed in studios. Recently we filled a very large order for Al Jazeera international, the order was to replace the HMIs used by their remote news cameramen. I suspect by the time the order is distributed to all of Al Jazeera’s crews we will have lights in over 150 countries and cover every timezone on the planet.    

Q: What event(s) is Nila excited about attending in the New Year? Any new product announcements we should be on the lookout for?  

We are always excited to participate in NAB and IBC.  We will be showing at NAB the completely redesigned SL. This new SL has 20% more light output while shedding 30% of the fixture's weight.  

Q: What basic production tips can you offer in regards to lighting?  

The key to lighting any subject quickly is knowing how to use your surrounding to help you light the subject. Every space has something to offer -- just take a brief look around, pay attention as how the natural and artificial light can be used to your advantage.  In most locations you only need to augment the scene by increasing the key light and possibly balancing out the fill on the main subject. Try to use the existing lighting to light the background and any back lighting.  

Q: How has the lighting and production industry as a whole changed since you first started your career?  

I started lighting for film and TV over 26 years ago and the biggest change has been the amount of light needed to get good exposure. Back when I started, no one used film stocks faster than 100 ISO and your average video camera had a native ISO of 100 or less.  

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