Why Trading in Your Gear Can Help You Upgrade Your Work

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Between new gear upgrades and the latest releases, keeping up with the latest technology and equipment can bring serious demand on your budget. But finding a way to easily upgrade your gear — and to trade it in for a new and improved system — can make the difference in your output.

The Adorama Trade-In Program allows you to trade in your used gear to receive cash, store credit, or an upgrade to a brand-new unit.

“I always need to stay on the latest cutting edge for both photo and video equipment, so it's always nice to have a reliable, easy path to trade-ins to help me keep my gear current,” says Michael Reichmann, Director of Photography at Andre Reichmann Photography

Reichman, who shoots weddings and high-end events, has relied on his trusted set-up to get him through some of his biggest jobs.

“A recent high-end wedding we shot was an 18-camera event in the New York Hilton Midtown,” he notes. “We had 8 photographers shooting stills throughout the event, and 10 videographers including two videographers providing a live feed during the ceremony. We used another 8 or so lighting assistants and even had the pleasure of working with Nikon Ambassador Vincent Versace, who we flew in from San Francisco as an additional photographer.” 

And with such a high-stakes event, and the need to deliver quality content on time and as expected, having a set of dependable gear is what helps to get the job done.

“I go to every single wedding with my Nikon D5 and D850, as well as another camera body as backup,” Reichmann adds. “All of our lead photographers shoot with a Nikon D5. We use a number of speedlights, including both SB-910, SB-5000, and the Profoto A1. I carry anywhere from 5 to 8 lenses depending on technical and artistic needs.”

For portrait work, the gear list includes additional Profoto B1 heads. For his video work, Reichmann adds a Sony FS5, as well as a Sony A7 III and a Ronin Gimbal, to his setup to ensure that the production delivers.

“With all the constant innovation and upgrades happening on a yearly basis in the mirrorless camera market, it's nice to be able to switch to the latest camera or equipment to try and stay ahead of the curve,” he adds.

Thinking about trading in your gear? Check out the Adorama Trade-In Program for more information.

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