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David Thomson

David Thomson is a scriptwriter who loves writing articles on the challenges of the filming industry in general. He enjoys studying, analyzing and looking for solutions in the filming process. David is a vegan, so healthy food is another topic he is eager to discuss and write about. He enjoys cycling and going for long walks with his German shepherd Booth.

Tips for Choosing a Great Filming Location

Advice / Tips & Tricks Friday, January 3, 2020
Choosing a good filming location is always a demanding task for any filmmaker. It is also an immense responsibility because the choices you make will highly affect the filming process in general and, eventually, the success of your project. Hence, doing thorough research prior to making the final decision regarding this matter is of key importance. Only by applying this approach will you be able to choose a filming location that guarantees authenticity, no technical or other miscellaneous obstacles to the filming process, plenty of time for filming, and favorable working conditions for the whole crew.