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Christy Anna Wu

Christy Anna Wu is a filmmaker based in Seattle, WA. With a diverse background in design, art, and engineering, she's traversed many career paths. In 2018, she led the production of her first short film, Alvin. Her art tends to be darkly emotive, rife with harsh experiences and social commentary. As she continues her career in the industry, she hopes to inspire other filmmakers with her artistry.

10 Things I Overlooked as a Brand New Filmmaker

Advice / Tips & Tricks Thursday, January 30, 2020
In indie filmmaking, overpreparation is the key to success. But as a first-time filmmaker on “Alvin,” there were unavoidable pitfalls that I encountered simply because of my lack of knowledge. While everyone's experience will be different, I hope that my 20/20 hindsight can be helpful to other independent filmmakers.