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Ammar Alkhrisat

Ammar Alkhrisat, Chief Operating Officer, began the idea of Alkatraz. He has worked with big industry brands, including Lamborghini, Sony, and Red Bull. He has also worked with various government bodies and agencies in the United Arab Emirates. Ammar is currently the only GCC representative in the Locations Guild of America. He is a renowned speaker in coveted events
and other festivals in the film industry.

How to Choose a Location for Your Corporate Event

Advice / Tips & Tricks Friday, January 17, 2020
If you are organizing a corporate event, you likely have dozens of questions on your mind. Typically, the first thing you will need to find is a venue or location that suits everyone. Some common questions include: whether it should be close to the company’s office for convenience or further away to feel more like a retreat; will you have entertainment or a prominent keynote speaker, and how will the venue accommodate your program? To help you work your way through these critical questions, we have compiled some factors to consider when looking for that perfect venue for your corporate event.

9 Steps to Take Before an Outdoor Location Shoot

Advice / Tips & Tricks Tuesday, September 19, 2017
There are different types of videos you can create for your client. There are also plenty of factors and costs involved in corporate video production. The success of a video project will greatly depend on the time and effort you have allocated toward properly planning the project. If you don’t have an outstanding idea and solid plan in place, no amount of production expertise can save your project.