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Matt Copko

Matt Copko is a film actor/writer/director and author, based in Los Angeles and Philadelphia. He is available for script development and production consultation for feature films and also considers select, completed films for sales and distribution opportunities. Contact:

Craft Service: The Most Important Line Item On a Small Budget

Advice / Tips & Tricks Monday, February 19, 2018
So you're making a movie. You read all the books, watched the DVDs, maybe got a degree, or you learned things “the hard way,” by trial and error. You’re a master, or maybe not. You went on a vision quest and the film gods granted you a story to tell. It’s gonna be your breakthrough project. For whatever reason, you decided to make a movie, short or long, cheap or expensive, and you’ve assembled a crew of competent specialists. I used to believe in the auteur theory, and creatively, I still do, but that doesn’t mean you literally do all the heavy lifting alone. No matter how many heads are present (and how many hats they’re wearing), filmmaking is a team effort.