Baltimore's Film Festivals Showcasing Diversity and Innovation

Miscellaneous Monday, February 19, 2024
In the lively city of Baltimore, Maryland, a rich mosaic of culture and artistry thrives. The film scene takes the most prominent role. Baltimore's film festivals prove the city's commitment to showcasing diverse and innovative cinematic works. They entertain, educate, and inspire, bringing together filmmakers, enthusiasts, and critics from across the globe. This post will explore these events' unique charm and impact, highlighting their contributions to the local community and the broader world of cinema.

‘The Creator’ Case Study: A Look at Atomos

Miscellaneous Monday, February 12, 2024
For all the talk about technology “democratizing” filmmaking, it has also led to another revolution: introducing new degrees of creative freedom. Ideas and entirely new ways to make films that would have been impossible (or impossibly expensive) are now achievable, and they’re changing the face of filmmaking at every level.

A Movie Lover's Guide to Brooklyn

Miscellaneous Monday, January 8, 2024
Brooklyn, the vibrant borough of New York City, has long been an epicenter of culture and creativity. For movie lovers, it's not just a place; it's a treasure trove of cinematic history and contemporary film culture waiting to be explored. In this guide to Brooklyn for movie lovers, let’s get into its rich cinematic heritage, iconic film locations, bustling film festivals, and independent theaters.

The ProductionHUB Deluxe Last, Last, Last Minute Gift Guide: Part 2

Miscellaneous Friday, December 15, 2023
Hopefully you’ve almost wrapped up your holiday shopping. If not….What are you waiting for? I know you have been busy, but we are running out of time folks! We created one gift guide last month, but our ProductionHUB family chimed in and told me they want even more choices. So, without any further delay, here is part two of my favorite things all year. I present the ProductionHUB Last, Last, Last Minute DELUXE Holiday Gift Guide, complete with sleigh bells and whistles. Enjoy!

Top 10 Must-Visit Film Locations in Toronto

Miscellaneous Monday, November 27, 2023
Toronto thrives in its culinary and artistic avenues and is a cinematic powerhouse. Known for its urban charm and architectural eclecticism, this Canadian gem has imprinted its skyline and streets into the film stories of numerous Hollywood blockbusters. The must-visit film locations in Toronto offer more than just a backdrop. They are characters in their own right. Picture yourself walking through the very locations where movie magic is made, where each step invites you to live out scenes from your favorite flicks.

Delivering High-Quality Live Rodeo Productions with Atomos Shogun Studio 2

Miscellaneous Friday, November 24, 2023
Feature Productions specializes in live television broadcasting and video production for events and venues across Canada. Established 15 years ago, the company has built an outstanding reputation for broadcasting live events, including sports, rodeos, festivals, concerts, and corporate productions. With multi-camera video production mobiles, LED screen rentals, scoreboard integration, instant replays, live event streaming and television broadcast solutions, they provide clients with the highest quality live action coverage.

World Rugby Makes Technological Leaps with HBS and Lawo

Miscellaneous Monday, November 20, 2023
A host broadcaster famous for its pristine productions of global event, HBS is also known for its relentless drive to innovate and for adopting technical innovations as soon as they are proven in operational conditions. The declared goals of both World Rugby and HBS for this event is to provide unforgettable moments with cutting-edge technology that has a smaller physical – and hence also carbon – footprint of the IBC infrastructure installed at Roland-Garros, in Paris.