World Rugby Makes Technological Leaps with HBS and Lawo

Miscellaneous Monday, November 20, 2023
A host broadcaster famous for its pristine productions of global event, HBS is also known for its relentless drive to innovate and for adopting technical innovations as soon as they are proven in operational conditions. The declared goals of both World Rugby and HBS for this event is to provide unforgettable moments with cutting-edge technology that has a smaller physical – and hence also carbon – footprint of the IBC infrastructure installed at Roland-Garros, in Paris.

In Review: Canon EOS R5 C Mirrorless Cinema Camera

Exclusive Interviews Friday, November 17, 2023
In my quest for the next great camera, many of the things that I'm on the lookout for will likely sound familiar to you on your own new camera searches. These can range from the latest new features such as the ability to shoot and record in 8K at 60f or more technical features such as sensor sizes.

Camera D’Or Winning “War Pony” Production Designer on Designing a Space for Actors’ Comfort

Exclusive Interviews Wednesday, November 15, 2023
Terry Watson is one of the production designers behind the highly acclaimed War Pony, which premiered July 28 after a successful festival run over the past year that included winning the Camera D’Or in Cannes 2022. War Pony follows the interlocking stories of two young Oglala Lakota men growing up on the Pine Ridge Reservation. The film marks both Riley Keough’s and Gina Gammell’s feature directorial debut. As an additional production designer on the film, Terry was responsible for identifying a design style for the sets, locations, graphics, and props while working closely with the directors, director of photography, and producers. In her designs, she prioritized the rustic color palette of South Dakota, where the film takes place, utilizing the colors Native Americans used in blankets and other items while also highlighting the scenic landscapes of the reservations and farms the film was shot on.

A Filmmaker's Guide to Navigating Their First Project

Advice / Tips & Tricks Monday, November 13, 2023
Independent filmmaking is a great way for first-time filmmakers to dip their toes in the water and learn the ins and outs of movie-making without the resources that come with studios and higher budgets. While making a film, even on a lower budget, takes a lot of time and effort, anyone can do it with the right dedication and preparation.

Grammy-Award Winning Songwriter, Alex Geringas on His Work On Warner Bros 'Batwheels'

Exclusive Interviews Friday, November 10, 2023
Alex Geringas is a Grammy-award winning songwriter, who is responsible for the score of the entire Trolls TV franchise as well as the score for Paramount’s Blue’s Big City Adventure. Recently, Alex wrote the song My Kind of Monster for Disney’s Under Wraps 2 and is currently scoring Batwheels for Warner Bros. Alex scored this animated series, working closely with the creative team to sonically encapsulate the vehicles that have come to define childhood.

Behind the Scenes of Starting a Film Agency: Key Steps and Insights

Advice / Tips & Tricks Wednesday, November 8, 2023
Do you have aspirations to launch your own film production company? Whether you're an established industry professional or a beginner with a love of the cinematic arts, this article will guide you through the important steps, considerations, and insights required to launch a fruitful film agency. We'll give you useful information and direction for starting this exciting endeavor, from identifying your niche and assembling a great team to navigating the nuances of film production and distribution. Let's explore the process of establishing a film agency from the inside out and learn how to make your vision a reality.

How To Start a Video Production Company [In 12 Steps]

Advice / Tips & Tricks Tuesday, November 7, 2023
In the ever-evolving world of media, video content has cemented its place as a powerful storytelling medium. Whether it’s for advertising, educational content, or entertainment, the demand for high-quality video production is undeniable. For the aspiring entrepreneur, this presents an exciting opportunity to venture into the video production business. In this comprehensive guide, we provide you with a 12-step process to start, operate, and thrive in the video production industry.

How Supermodel Donyale Luna & Composer Kelly Mac Pave the Way for Black Female Artists

Exclusive Interviews Monday, November 6, 2023
We recently spoke with Kelly Mac, the exceptionally talented Black female composer who has orchestrated the captivating soundscape of HBO's recent documentary, "Donyale Luna: Supermodel." This extraordinary documentary, which premiered on MAX September 13, delves into the life and legacy of Donyale Luna, the trailblazing Black model who shattered barriers in the '60s and '70s. Donyale's historic presence on the covers of Harper's Bazaar in 1965 and British Vogue in 1966 marked a pivotal moment in fashion history, challenging norms during a time when the industry rarely embraced Black women, particularly those who did not pass as white. In a parallel journey, Kelly is making her own groundbreaking strides, championing diversity in an industry where representation is scarce. Her impressive body of work, including compositions for the BET+ comedy film "Block Party" and the ongoing Essence Magazine docuseries "Time of Essence" on OWN, highlights her prowess in storytelling through music. As the CEO and Founder of Kelly Mac Music, she's not only paving the way but also creating opportunities for diverse talent across the media landscape, specializing in original music composition, music supervision, songwriting, and licensing.